Monday, August 07, 2006

The Dog

Once an Avant-Garde painter, while sketching its portrait said, “"This dog is going to be a Noveau Riche in near future and will soon be joining community of Haut Monde Humans". This comment aroused brouhaha among The Humans of the Earth and eventually The Dog subjected to Bete Noire had become cause celebre . Where, on one hand many had accepted the fact of a dog being joining The Elite Community of Humans, Mr. Brush -– the president of Organization for Dogs' Right (ODR) -– on the other, found it hard to swallow. But Mr. Brush was sensible enough not to take any Coup d'’etat and at the same time he could not get The Dog out of his mind.

Mr. Ohsama - one of the finest friends of Mr. Brush - who used to live in Haute Couture and had enjoyed many Haute Cuisine with Mr. Brush, was the carte Blanche of a group known as The Anti-doggy alliance. The group's esprit de corps was to "‘remove dogs vis-a-vis remove faux pas" ’ and it had par excellent skill in doing so.

Since very few knew about Brush and Ohsama friendship, it was ideal to eliminate The Dog through Ohsama. In a tete-a-tete, Brush told the whole idea of eliminating The Dog and assured Ohsama about laissez faire in order to bring coup de grace to The Dog whenever it enters in any of his organization's three branches.

According, to the plan The Dog was invited to ODR on Dog'’s Day Festival as chief-guest, instead of its busy schedule The Dog could not deny the request because of noblesse oblige but The Dog had told ODR that it could visit to one or none of the offices of ODR due to his busy schedule but he would try to maintain savoir faire.

Ohsama, an Enfant terrible - having known the plan, devised a sharp and genuine plot to hijack three buses occupied by sheep, routed to the three ODR buildings and bump one into each of the three buildings, ruining them down and so The Dog. Brush had no idea of the process; he assumed it would be an assassination not a mass murder.

On D-Day , Brush realized the plan after first building had been knocked down. Brush lost his sang froid and ordered Ohsama to call off the plan. Ohsama reminded Brush about laissez faire and forced Brush to realize that getting rid of The Dog is de rigueur.

Now Brush could not do anything but praying lord to save ODR offices anyhow. Luckily, one of building could not be destroyed because the third bus ran out of fuel and the gasoline distributors were on the strike.

En passant, the result was extremely shocking through out the world. Two of three highly guarded ODR buildings were destroyed and The Dog was still alive and currently staying out of lime-light. Brush condemned the act as fait accompli and promised to get the conspirator arrested within one year.

Ohsama, however, bitten hard by Brush'’s comments and failure of mission,– made the Dog'’s elimination his raison d'etre.

One year has passed long ago. All the effort of Brush ended futile. Ohsama is working hard to achieve his aim.
And sheep, dogs and Humans of the Earth are engaged in spreading rumors, disinformation and half truths about The Dog. Everyone talks about The Dog everywhere - in colleges, in prayer houses, on beaches, in restaurants, everywhere -– some says The Dog had deja vu and escaped death, some says The Dog had died in the blow. But the dog; The Dog who knew the savoir vivre, is eating French Fries; may be alone or in a group, on the next table to gossipers -– silently and placidly in disguise. He has gone through a volte face of his personality.

Avant-Garde Unorthodox writer or artist

Noveau Riche Ostentatious Person

Haut Monde The elite

brouhaha Furor, Uproar

Bete Noire Person / subject hated

cause celebre Case arousing attention and discussion

Coup d'etat An unexpected action

Haute Couture High fashion

Haute Cuisine Excellent cooking

carte Blanche Complete authority

esprit de corps Morale

vis-Ã -vis In regard to

faux pas A social error

par excellent Highest degree

tete-a-tete Close conversation between two people

laissez faire Policy of non-interference

coup de grace Blow that brings death

noblesse oblige Obligations imposed on high positions

savoir faire Instinctive ability to act appropriately

Enfant terrible Unconventional person

sang froid Self control

de rigueur Absolutely required

En passant By the way

fait accompli Irreversible act done without warning

raison d'etre Reason for existence

deja vu Feeling of having undergone, premonition

savoir vivre The Art of knowing how to live elegantly

volte face Complete reversal, up side down

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Category: For all age group.

Type: Writing, Education, Language

Language: English, French

Place and Time: IIT Kharagpur, 8:00 PM. August 6, 2006


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