Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pornofied Posters

Genre : Porn/Comedy
Rating: Strictly 18+ due to offensive images and nudity.
Language: English
Its holyday time so instead of eating your head by boring posts, here is something more enjoyable.Below are few images - spoofing movie in somewhat XXXian manner, I found them on
internet . Hope you'll enjoy.

Hey, Don't forget to read tags that I have provided on the side of each poster.

....... Got it? Its clear. It is "Score It like Bekham".
errrr!! Am I wrong with the tittle? Isn't is the tittle of original movie?

..where are you?

Z->Y-> X-Men

similaraly, A -> B-> C-Men.

Naaah! you know what C-Men is standing for here. Don' cha?

......... I, Row Boat. No? Then what do I do?
I rub butt?!!

Its not a man, Its a machine.
....... A machine (re-) producing zillions of similar machine.
Want to know how?
Don't go the nearest theatre The Poster will be suffice.


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