Sunday, October 30, 2005

Friendship Funda

One thing that I had learnt in my childhood is (see the image)

which says

“Love/ Friendship is like a smooth cord. Do not break it yank. Once broken, it can’t be undone. If it is tried so, it will have knot in it.” - RAHIM (saint poet, 1500 AD)

“The two best ways I know to ruin a friendship are to go into debt to a friend or to become too dependent on him” -Lee Iacocca. Chairman, Chrysler (20th Century)

These things are still true and will remain true, until humanity exists (or organic cells remain the constituent of our brain).

Given the composition of a system, there is a natural size for it. Its overall balances are well maintained at that particular size. see the Reference. And I think this is the reason that decline of the Roman Empire began when it became too big and Nuclear physics provides an interesting analogy to this situation, coz you see, when we add more particles in Iron nucleus (i.e. atoms, having its weight more than Iron) stability decreases. There is one more thing we can add in this list is friendship. When you start taking friendship too big to you or your friendship has reached a level where you rely on a friend more than others, it dooms.

I find another analogous natural phenomenon to the friendship or any other human relationships. It is from Molecular physics (I donno whether molecules share emotions or not!). The curve (intermolecular potential energy curve), you see in the left, explains it. It says when two molecules (persons) come closer, attractive forces (heat in relation) increases; until certain closeness. Then attraction forces decreases (realization of defect in relation starts) and more close ness ends up into large repulsion (fight, hate, anger, emotion wrecking and obviously instability in system).

A good observable thing about friendship is it always breaks when you feel closest to your friend. And if it has not broken yet, it indicates that either one of them is tolerating everything whatever other-one is doing to hurt its ego Or they are not close enough to call the other their best friend.

Finally friendship is like glass it meant to break; if not today then tomorrow then why people make so much babbling when it takes place. I find it’s again very natural as it always creates a noise when you break the glass.

Instead of so much blah-blah-blah (kinda boring too!) on topic “friendship”, I still believe friendship is all about forgiveness and keeping your ego down (or using brain). It makes that energy curve less steeper.

P.S.: This document is personal POV of mine (Naishe), it doesn’t mean to harm, insult, judge or blame anyone and neither to prove anything. However your reaction is always welcomed. You can put it ‘Shout box’ in side bar or add it into ‘comments’ by clicking the link given below. - Naishe

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

IITs : Truth Unveiled !!

This cartoon strip shows our actual condition ... Thnx Kiran !!

Puri Visit: Reloaded “B’day @ Bedlam”

It was preplanned that my parents would come on 4th September 2004 to celebrate my B’day. Tickets had been bought. Everything was ready but then all cancelled. It came into action exactly after one year with additional plan of tour of Kolkata, Puri, Konark and Bhuvaneshwar (aka Bhubaneswar) and covering four days (1st to 4th September). Here is the story of my Puri visit with Mom, Rashmi didi (Elder Sis), Shekhar Bhaiya and Abhilash.

Day1: Kgp: This is a place which I define a Humid – Forrest consists of ruins of 18th century and hold together by optical wires to prevent collapse.

It was hard but I made them visit each and every stone exist in Kgp in one day. They all fell asleep when climbed the bed. On request for a comment/ remark they just said “(Hindi) Achchha hota ki tera four year course hota.” (Four Years Course would have been better.)

Day2: Kolkata: It was Friday I had a lab class they asked to show them Kolkata. I refused (I am a BAD Boy.). They went Kolkata on their own. ‘Kolkata is not a good place if you are not a Bengali’ describes the best what they said.

Day3&4: Puri, Konark and Bhuvaneshwar: Result of an unplanned journey is pain. However we enjoyed it.

Puri: We had no valid ticket to travel in sleeper class but we climbed in one. Got busted… Paid Rs.350 for five people to TTE without any formality.

3rd September: We went to all existing temples in Puri. It’s remarkable that you may not find a god/ goddess sculpture into a temple but you will surely find on Pandaa (nothing like Panda. You can say Hindu Monk). No matter what’s their shape, size, sex, language or age is, once you come into their area of influence (varies from 2 meters to 20 meters from their stand point) Pandaa will make you donate at least Rs.21 or above ( depending on their caliber ). You will surely feel looted/ snatched/ humiliated/ hunted/ mentally strained … and many other similar feelings may arise. But for sure you will never feel blessed/ relieved or peace minded. So the peace of lesson we have learnt is Beware of Pandaas.

4th September: My Birthday … I was greeted, gifted and scrapped (in orkut). We saw Konark Sun Temple (KST) … as I have mentioned in my previous blog Puri Program KST was an embarrassing experience for me because I never see art in it, I always find porn.

‘The scheduled departure from Puri is 10:15 PM on 4th September by Purushottam Express’ this was the disinformation that we four Educated people were knowing and didn’t bother to have a look on ticket for conformation. (Height of Overconfidence. Isn’t it?) We arrived at platform at 9:30 PM. Train had left the station. ‘Impossible’ was the first word we all spat. But it was true. Departure time was 08:15 PM. How could we do this? … And yes, we were warned there were at least 4 signs:

1. Abhilash had mentioned that at 10:00 PM, train arrives at Bhuvaneshwar. We ignored.

2. Hotel manager had raised his brow when we informed to arrange a taxi at 9:15 PM because Purushottam Express is at 10:15 PM.

3. At 7:45 PM we met a couple running towards Station to catch a train heading to Delhi (Purushottam also goes to Delhi.)

4. We knew it reaches Kharagpur at 4:20 AM and it takes 8 hours to reach Kharagpur from Puri by Purushottam Exp.

Now we were left with no options but wait until its light as there was no train in next 12 hours. Moreover it is a 24 hours journey and we have to sit into overcrowded, dirty, leaky and smelly general class coach. But this time we had some fortune we got one TTE who was ready to allot reserved seats for money. He took Rs.100 per head as his “facilitation – charge” and we had a pleasant journey afterwards.

Now few tips:

  1. Never give a single penny (Paisa) to a Pandaa no matter how much he humiliates requests, emotionally blackmails, curses or blesses. He will do these anyway.
  2. You can always get a hotel room cheaper and more facilitated than the one you are staying in.
  3. If you have long and beautiful hairs don’t go to Puri because you would not shampoo as you wouldn’t ever be able to rinse it off completely and your hairs will start to fall due to hot humid climate.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Series Of Unfortunate Events !

So after registration for Autumn sem 2005 days were rolling slowly gaining momentum. Barely fifteen days have been passed, some stupid planet ( probably Shani, Raahu or Ketu) might have come to a wrong position to disturb my astrological calculation and making my all-good-going life miserable.

So the tale stars from Monday Aug3, 2005. This was the day when I took my first project assignment from my guide and insure him to meet him in next two days with assignment completed.
At night, 8:00 PM, I found my Antivirus had been expired and was not up-to-date. 'Ah! Who is going to attack? I will install recent one afterwards ( for me this mean forever).' I thought.
At 10:00 on same night I felt light pain in my left ear. 'Might be a wax problem.' and I ignored it.
At 11:00 PM body temperature began to rise (This time I was reading Five Patients by Michael Crichton.... It was making me sicker) ..I recognized, it was cold and I decided this time I am not going to have any medicine for cold.
At 12:00 o'clock my computer was attacked by anew version of Backdoor virus and Antivirus was unable to do anything about it except bugging me through dialog boxes. I turned off computer and went to bed thinking next day's schedule.

4Aug was a hectic day. After attending three double lectures, I collapsed into bed when returned to room and woke up at 8:00 PM. Ear pain was sharp, headache, sour throat and running nose were amplifying its sharpness. I took nothing as medicine. At 12:00 I turned computer on and loaded a new Antivirus which deleted the virus. By this time I started feeling weak and went to bed.

5 Aug : I was unable to rise in morning and woke up at 1:30 PM, completed lab work and rushed to lab at 2:00 PM. After lab I went to library and got nothing what my project guide directed to read. Exhausted from fever, paining ear and searching book I came back to room in the hope of entertaining myself by watching a movie available on LAN. No Luck, this time too! Download speed was in kilobytes per second which normally remains in 3 to 13 Megabytes per seconds range. 'Must be some problem in hub' I insured myself but this was not a long time relief antivirus again detected and deleted Backdoor virus.’ Okay that’s the reason' I was suggested by others 'Virus is still in your computer. Format it!’ Hold on.....I have at least 8 GB of my favorite songs and 1.5 Gb of MY DOCUMENT consisting 700 e-books, many research paper and fundas from Painting to Robotics, from car designing to web designing. I can’t format it. More-over I am sick and will do it in weekends.

6Aug Saturday: Formatted C drive installed window.... Antivirus loaded....connected to network...and ""Ding"" virus speed in kbps....Ah!.... Went to BC Roy Hospital....Shit! Only emergency ward was open coz it was Sat. and ENT specialist will come on next Wed. .. got some antibiotic and analgesic... came back formatted C drive again this time installed XP with SP2...No improvement; neither in health nor in computer nor in project work since 5:00 AM .. Went to bad mood.

7Aug Shifted my audio songs and My Documents to Baby’s comp formatted whole 40 GB installed XP with SP2 .. had pills for fever…. Read some material related to project… restarted my comp… no improvement again in any of the fields.
Got some idea that SP2 limits Download speed but then the same was working fine on others comp…then there may be some problem LAN’s physical port or LAN server …. Some one suggested there are some viruses which corrupt BIOS .. Days were going so bad that I had to believe that the Virus CAN reside in BIOS memory.
So I had a total of 3C1*3C2*3C3 = 9 choices … I started with most probable one i.e. SP2 limits download speed.. Coz I got some supportive docs on web… again formatted and installed XP without SP2.. Didn’t work! Ear pain was tremendous and it was already 4:00 AM I went to bed.

8 Aug : Woke up at 12:00 Noon … Weakness due to fever was enormous and I was unable walk and focus my sight. Had a glass full glucose water .. one cap of amoxicillin.. an Aspirin take some rest and calculated how much attendance I would loss in next two days because it was clear that attending lecture wouldn’t be possible until 10th Aug… and found out possibility of having a meeting with project guide is impossible till 15th Aug if it is not done today – which, clearly, was impossible for me … and also I will be marked late in Robotics assignment.. This was just a though but actual loss was bigger than the thought.
Now lying on my bed, I was thinking that OS is not the problem so I am left with two options 1. Virus either in BIOS or some where in disk 2. Some hardware problem in LAN architecture it can be any thing from my LAN card to Main server.
Two incidences, Virus attack and Hardware Problem, have negligible chance that both occurred simultaneously and Virus attack was sure. So? What to do next? ….reload/update BIOS ? Too dangerous ! then? .. Change OS ? Load Linux?.. It’s hard to handle! Then? Try one more 40 GB formatting? Good ! Sure ..will try this tomorrow and support the OS with Norton 2005 Systemworks. Good night!

Aug 9, 10 and 11 : three days passed in formatting Disk, installing uninstalling OS, antivirus applications and repeating these processes again and again .. Or taking numerous pills… each effort with no result.
Mean while I went to doctor fortunately Specialist was there. Got some more pills and ear drop.
At the night of 11th Aug, I started to focus on second option – a problem in LAN architecture - I replaced my LAN card with Dharmu’s one…. No improvement…. Then an idea strike…why not put my LAN card in his comp…. working fine... means No problem from my side.
Now my computer with my card in other’s room... was working fine. Shit! So those eleven formats for nothing… oh god!

Aug12: Complain was made and instructed that if they don’t come today I will not be able to access LAN until 16th Aug. God made them come that day problem solved temporarily... some problem was still there they just got it working.
Ear drop and medicines worked fever was nowhere and ear pain was minimal … perhaps normal days were coming……

On 13th I asked Baby to share my stuffs that I had dumped on his computer … ‘I’ve deleted it. I had a virus infection I thought It had come from your .doc/ .mp3 files’ he said. God! Nothing left to be ruined.

Wait… I am feeling some thing while writing this blog…. In my right ear… yes... it’s a weak pain. God! Is it a new starting…?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Enjoying opposing winds ! Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 29, 2005

Chaos on Web Calm in Life : select ur best buddy be the worst Buddy

Chaos on Web Calm in Life

(From 23apr2005 to 26apr2005)

Like we do everyday , I was eating in Mess with wingies general commenting and Bhaat was going on.Suddenly, yet not in an impressive manner, Abhilash revealed that he was going to grade the wingmates based on their behaviour (Towards him).None gave this sentence any importance.

On the same day again wingies were having their dinner, I joined the conversation lately. Discusssion topic seemed to be hot and after a while I could get that Abhilash mailed his rating of friends to Yahoo! group of our wing and the point was everyone were expecting what his grade would be. Everything was normal and none took it seriously , neither me.

It was good analysis and everyone enjoing (atleast I am sure about me) his character analysis from Abhilash’s perspective……But then next mail floats to RK_CGE2002 Yahoo! Group to poll/choose your best buddy in wing. I first found it an entertaining idea but realized the possibility of some wingie may feel as left alone and some may have the feeling of “Everyone looks for me when I am gone!” which in my thought (At least something I have which is authentic: My thoughts) is not good when you call them friend and grade them. I opposed this act ……it started babbling/dispute over net. While this war was developing under confusion, fog and mix-up over net we were very calm and friendly as always towards each other.

This war ended as people fed up with flooding of mails in their mailboxes and I raised white flag.

The whole story is as follows

abhilash sahoo [rk_cge] important: report on know ur self from Abhilash

my comments only:plz try to give yours before u go for summer..

Abhilash Sahoo and his wing

mates..last one year

C126 Nema(Gaurav Nema)::

i like:sincere,punctual,hard working,intelligent,studious,free at heart,

i dont:not smart,unnecessary talk,relating everything to ...,going to

others room,walking,hand on my shoulder,

way of talking[haramkhor],not mature,

c127 Dharmu ::

i like:commitment for a work,special appearances and gestures,helping

nature[not financial],athletics,his

liking for hindi songs,

i dont:extra sleep,kanjusiiiiii,using galiyan always,high volume songs

at night,useless bhatt

c 128 Neeraj ::

i like:free in heart,very helpful,kind,simple,no bad points like above

mentioned for nema and dharmu,simple

hug,his love for me,

i dont:extra sleep,daru,quick change of mind,plz take care of ur health

c 130 N2(Its Me!) ::

i like:his guts,devotion for robotics,realisation of practicalthings,clear stomach,free and frank,help ful and

hard labour,no oad condion,commitment

i dont:his comments everytime[but like some times],bhaatt,doesnt

change his convention,galiyan,never

appreciates hindi culture or movie or songs although sometime they r

good,i dont know why he thinks so,

c 131 GP(Gaurav P)::

i like::his fundas,simple,kind,cooooooooollllllllllllllll,

i dont:extra sleep,extra gaming,extra cool

C 132 Nihar DA::

i like :his thouhts match with me,no bad points like nema or


i dont:extra gaming,short temper,mind changing time to time.

C 133 lamba (Abhishek Prakash)::

i like:his attitude he shows towards others,planning,mature,hard

working,love for hindi

movies,caring,smile,guts,high tempo and +ve attitude

i dont:his extra privacy,his attitude he hides,not

open,selfish,helpful[not 100%],

C 134 mathur(Apurva M)::[inactive]

i like:good,just as a friend ..not much to say

i dont:his galiyan,pjs










plz give ur opinions..plz dont take it seriously..i love u all..

better improve next time and for the last time..

all the best for sems and good bye

Dharmu’s Reply

hi all ,

...............NO COMMENTS ......

direct dil se .....





Abhilash’s Next mail [rk_cge] New poll for rk_cge

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the

Rk_cge group:

ur best friend in CGE/u like best among the worst

o nema

o dharmu

o neeraj

o abhilash

o nishant

o gp

o nihar

o abhisek

o mathur

o do not click here or on urself

plz vote in hte poll created in the group as soon as possible
dont make it a crap

Nishant’s Reply

heyheyhey.........wats this?!!! polling for ur best friend?????.......IS Anybody there who belives in RATING friends???.....I do not???....There are good points and bad points in people this never mean to CATEGORIZE them and showing them how much you love (..HATE) him....GRADING may hurt anyone. SOMETIME its not good to tell everyone what YOU think about him; other may have good opinion for the person u hate most.ITS YOUR PRIVATE OPINION and should not revealed publicly IT HURTS!!

I am not going to rate any of my friend in this pole and I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS ACT. For me all of you have 10/10, cause you are my friend not my employee who need to be considered for promotion or a subject who is under testing and experimenting for my R&D cell.

Best wishes


Dharmu’s Reply on My Reply

hi all

i am with naishe me too not going for any such poll

as it will hurt ... so me too not interested in

polling such a pol ....

its better be the way the u like them and and rate

themselves within ur self ..... that is most

important ...

ok bye now

Abhilash’s Reply on My Reply

i am sorry for the polling

i have deleted it..

but regarding my opinions and points etc Mr Nishant


make sure that we r really friends live in same wing

u have mentioned it quite a few time that we r

friends.and there is nothing wrong in it pointing out

someones good and bad points.for example say thr is a

lots of difference between my two friends avik sarkar

and neeraj.i cant give any comments on avik but i can

on neeraj.the points r just for fun..after all we stay

in live like a family in a house.u r the first person

to know about me every morning.

and u buddy Mr nishant after all my request u take it

seriously..but dont forget u did and do the work of

"commenting" for most of the time.i dont like it and

i hope many other also dont like it.and that time u

dont think of the word

Nishant’s reply on Above Message

I dont want a altercation on this point but there is something I wud like to "say".

I hope U understand the difference between "Verbal commenting" and "Declaration" ,moreover all my "Lecture" on opening ur heart was concerned to ur Polling Act which u urself think is cheap.

A best cause against polling is it may lead to misconception for a emotional person when he find his best friend like a wingmate most whom he hate most.Dont u think that?.....Hard to believe but think it -not as u r in a debate but as a doctor's suggetion bitter but good for u no good for doctor.

All I said was not hurt u but to make u aware of the fact when things get more than the sweet they get sour.



ABHISHEK PRAKASH [rk_cge] guys whats this happening!!!!!!!!!11

hi friends...

what the hell is happening in the group messages...i was sad

yesterday that i was not getting the messages but today i am

disappointed that even after enjoying 1 year together we hav such

misunderstandings....i just want to tell you all that CGE is the best

wing of the rk hall and we hav to maintain this profile...we have

always been together and we shud be same...whatever abhilash did was

just his way of making us know ourselves better..ya that "poll 4 best

friend" idea may be bad but remember he was the 1 who took all the

pains of pointing all the good and bad points about all of us...and i

do feel that he really never meant to hurt any1...neways, its hard

time that we get back together and work for the ultimate vision and

mission that we have in life.....

and ya thnx to n2 that he raised that point....i think this issue is

solved now and for please do not stretch it far too long...

dharmu bhaiya ka bahut bahut dhanyawad ki unhone hume n2 ki point

system wali mail mugne ki salah di...thnx be...and ya .. i luv u alll

so lets njoy

abhishek prakash

aka lamba jeev

My(Nishant’s) Reply on Above Mail

yup!!let end this argument.yet I found something very

hi fi in Abhisheks mail.Points are

1. just want to tell you all that CGE is the best wing of the rk hall(WHO TOLD U?) and we hav to maintain this profile(What?)

2.pains of pointing all the good and bad points about all of us(Too exaggeration Some times its FUN.Isnt it?)

3.we get back together and work for the ultimate vision and mission that we have in life.....(WOhaaw I never knew this chaos will bring such a gr8 opportunity)

4. Do not panic Its just my general commenting phenomenon that automatically wrote this mail without filtering the material from my Brain



Nihar’s Reply on Above Reply

sahi naishe.......hehehe

Abhisheks Reply on My Reply

hi n2 plus rest of u....

ya some points may be hi fi in the mail..but dont thnk of cge as a low profile wing...

chalo all d best

<<<<<<<,I Thought we could have another debate at this point.Dont u think Its interesting? :: Naishe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Gaurav P’s reply on the whole event (however the War had been over weeks ago!!! lol)

I am making all the rk_cge mails to be automatically directed to trash.

Enough of chutiyapa ....I dont like crap in my mail box.

My(Nishant) Reply on Above Mail

cool dowm Mr.Cool U responded too late War is over plz calm down dont get panic everything is fine now


Total mail transferred = 13 in three days


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tech Fest for My Techie Wngies !!

Finally, after long wait of one year the time had come…It was Robotics 2005 we were waiting for it since last year ….after time to time varying design of our Robot, we finally came up with a hand equipped robot fit in given size….though It was not beautiful enough but who cares (…actually I DO care !).However finally chaos did happen at end time...but we managed to get first.

So it was totally Kshitij (IIT Kgp’s Tech Fest) mania which was clouded over CGE wing and rooms C129,C130 and C131 have totally been converted into robotic Laboratory and I swear all- those were engaged – were working real hard (Nice?..aanhaa?).

It was started by Dharmu that there should have been a group from our wing in Tech fest. The group was formed- of which I did not have any Info- consisting Dharmu, Nihar, GP and Abhilash(hey look! who left? Its Abhishek ,Baby, and Mathur !! always latter two didn’t show their interest but some interested one was left) …this all was done approx 10 days earlier to the Fest. On one hand where it was found that -as the day is coming near – energy to participate was increasing in Abhishek, Dharmu and Abhilash on other hand GP and nihar were showing no interest and seem to be more indulge in AOE than in Designing the Boat.

Countdown timer was now in Red zone still neither of the Two (WOW !!) had changed. It was time for big bang …..Dharmu suggested the work cud not be done in this way We would have to make another active group which atleast would work.(I strongly am in Dharmu’s favor). Finally a new group formed secretly including two new member Abhishek (in and as the Leader :-D) and Baby .I was there with my low digestive power and on the same day I vomited everything to Nihar (….I just didn’t want to make it worst but it did.).Nihar in his usual style instead of forming a new group accepted it as his inability (however I don’t have any right to make any personal comment but that time I felt that this was what Nihar wanted.) and the other stud GP decided to do it independently.(what do you think every thing is OK now???’re damn wrong).

Now something happened ; I don’t know because I didn’t want to know as I had done enough wrong thing with the peace of information I had.; which caused formation of new groups one consisting Abhilash, Abhishek, Baby and Shubang another having GP,Dharmu and Bansal(much obvious Atul as other Bansals in RK don’t play AOE ..don mind )…Mathur, Nihar and Nema became out of scene till that time.And another story plugged in : Saumyakant Sahoo and Tauseef Rouff approached to me and I( aka Foll of All Time or FAT32) led them in the competition Power Boat.My this group consisting three different time of personality Sahoo (wants to do many things but don’t know what to do) Tauseef(Knows what to do but don’t want to do)and me (neither wants to do anything nor does) …anyhow they made the mainframe and I was in Last time chaos with my armed Robot….and I declared we have defeated before the fight NO OBJECTION WAS MADE.

GP’s group made and excellent design with two propeller in air one in water and Abhilash’s group did just reverse – I literally mean doing the boat’s up side down.Heavy arrangements were made by both but after good hard work and Dry run and Night out GP’s team didn’t participate however Dharmu keep shouting to participate atleast on other hand Abhi’s team went with no hope and came with good result and smiling face they just missed to qualify by .8 seconds.WELL DONE

Well I am no one who decide one’s talent and I may wrong but I found atleast two people interested in serious work in Robotics first Abhilash what is lacking in him is initiative and Dharmu problem with him is his low temperament and ego.

This story has stretched too long I wish I will write my End Time Chaos Story in Robotics 2005 any other time.

P.S. I know whatever I wrote may hurt some people believe me I never want to harn anyone of the guys mentioned above.It is just what I found at that time.If you have any feelings ,any comment or anger on me please write in comments (link given below) and I assure you it wont be deleted.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

SF aka Spring for Fools !!

They say Its Spring Fest when I see people deep inside in their Jacket and coat (coatEE can be said to make it female).I find another reason.... people do weird things and none is allowed to laugh yet it is **MUST** to appreciate those thing (you know whome I am talking about) I have enough reasons to call it Spring for('to' can be a good replacement) fools.

As I am a big guy (really!!..^_^)..I wasnt in there in all the monkey shows going on during SF .I selected a reasonably serious event to go in..(huh!It was boring enough to make me sleep in that crowdy theater).Now there is a single story about that day..

It was a long queue to enter the show me and GP decided to enter by crossing the boundarywall...evrything went well except Abhilash made him injured...still he is there in show with *Abhishek Prakash*...(shhhh....this guy knows he is injured!?) and her BANDI.

Now lets start "Abhishek Prakash Puran(epic)" ....a long (very can prefixed without hesitation) guy with a girl(the second adjective was true only for in the SF duration....excluding during his very intimate-you know what-moments)...whome we guessed as Abhishek Prakash; on meeting eye with one of us (I was not the person probably it was Apurv)......the long guy introduces us to the girl at the moment when police was behind us and about to bang our butt......the introduction was like this

: Inse milo "......(put the Bandi's name in dotted place)".(give attention to the names) yeh hai Baby,yeh Nihar ,yeh Mathur..,.Nima (thank god he didnt append HARAAMKHOR),(we had left the place till now coz of Police)yeh GP and yeh N2............ ............... ...............................- ----->>> >{{I still wonder do we look so much SHORT from 6feet height ????}}

Now the show begins the situation is something like this me and Nema one row side by side and evryone except Nihar(god knows where he was :-0)were sitting on the next front row to us and unfortunately I was behind Abhishek........what we found that (really speaking....Nema supports me) Abhishek was **USING** the guys in their row as ......BANDAR(monkey....this is code lingo which me and Nema are habitual of) .This was done by pulling ears playing with their hairs and ....making Mathur dance (we say it BANDAR mein CHAABHI bharna)..while it was clear that he didnt want to dance @ that momemt......this show was more interesting than the- so called- show we went for.
I got some moments when I was shouting aimlessly and Abhishek gave me a look as I made a comment on "**THEM**" ...It was a nice trick that worked after this We (ofcourse with Nema) made direct comment on **Them** ....It caused something burn (on ABHISHEK side)......

May be that was the reason He never let me have chance to meet his "?????".....and still some thing catches fire when I make a taunt in presence of Abhishek.( you can smell it if r there!)

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dharmu's B'Day

21 yrs before God thought that people are not using some words and phrases the same time his son (not the god ^_^) came to him and requested to generate an SQL(...yupp MySQL) based data base for an Indian Version of Spiderman .God created the data base and tuned it to use those rarely used words. I hope you would have guessed the words and the person. For those who r still struggling ...the words are Exactly, Proper ,Ultimate, Doesn' Matter, Hardly Matter,'Maine bola tha na!'....etc and the person is our one and only Mr.RadioRepeat Dharmu aka Spiderman .
Dharmu well defended himself against GPL ....however few good GPLer were not interested .One of the best watch able thing was the change in his facial expression at the moment when Dharmu found his treat bill in Eggies exceeded the calculated budget. Let me show it :-| -------> :-o

Now I am going to unveil a truth... another shock wave. Its about BABY (Neeraj). We had four lollypops among three people fourth was of BABY....Abhilash had the extra lollypop which had different flavor just to choose the best of two he unwrapped the fourth tasted (licked #;-8) then handed to me .What I did is I wrapped it in my lolly's cover and handed it to BABY...... BABY first suspected but then Abhilash, Nema and I handled the matter and made him to eat that Lolly.

This abstract can not be used as a proof in suit against anyone (especially Abhilash), in case any contagious disease causes to BABY.