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Chaos on Web Calm in Life : select ur best buddy be the worst Buddy

Chaos on Web Calm in Life

(From 23apr2005 to 26apr2005)

Like we do everyday , I was eating in Mess with wingies general commenting and Bhaat was going on.Suddenly, yet not in an impressive manner, Abhilash revealed that he was going to grade the wingmates based on their behaviour (Towards him).None gave this sentence any importance.

On the same day again wingies were having their dinner, I joined the conversation lately. Discusssion topic seemed to be hot and after a while I could get that Abhilash mailed his rating of friends to Yahoo! group of our wing and the point was everyone were expecting what his grade would be. Everything was normal and none took it seriously , neither me.

It was good analysis and everyone enjoing (atleast I am sure about me) his character analysis from Abhilash’s perspective……But then next mail floats to RK_CGE2002 Yahoo! Group to poll/choose your best buddy in wing. I first found it an entertaining idea but realized the possibility of some wingie may feel as left alone and some may have the feeling of “Everyone looks for me when I am gone!” which in my thought (At least something I have which is authentic: My thoughts) is not good when you call them friend and grade them. I opposed this act ……it started babbling/dispute over net. While this war was developing under confusion, fog and mix-up over net we were very calm and friendly as always towards each other.

This war ended as people fed up with flooding of mails in their mailboxes and I raised white flag.

The whole story is as follows

abhilash sahoo [rk_cge] important: report on know ur self from Abhilash

my comments only:plz try to give yours before u go for summer..

Abhilash Sahoo and his wing

mates..last one year

C126 Nema(Gaurav Nema)::

i like:sincere,punctual,hard working,intelligent,studious,free at heart,

i dont:not smart,unnecessary talk,relating everything to ...,going to

others room,walking,hand on my shoulder,

way of talking[haramkhor],not mature,

c127 Dharmu ::

i like:commitment for a work,special appearances and gestures,helping

nature[not financial],athletics,his

liking for hindi songs,

i dont:extra sleep,kanjusiiiiii,using galiyan always,high volume songs

at night,useless bhatt

c 128 Neeraj ::

i like:free in heart,very helpful,kind,simple,no bad points like above

mentioned for nema and dharmu,simple

hug,his love for me,

i dont:extra sleep,daru,quick change of mind,plz take care of ur health

c 130 N2(Its Me!) ::

i like:his guts,devotion for robotics,realisation of practicalthings,clear stomach,free and frank,help ful and

hard labour,no oad condion,commitment

i dont:his comments everytime[but like some times],bhaatt,doesnt

change his convention,galiyan,never

appreciates hindi culture or movie or songs although sometime they r

good,i dont know why he thinks so,

c 131 GP(Gaurav P)::

i like::his fundas,simple,kind,cooooooooollllllllllllllll,

i dont:extra sleep,extra gaming,extra cool

C 132 Nihar DA::

i like :his thouhts match with me,no bad points like nema or


i dont:extra gaming,short temper,mind changing time to time.

C 133 lamba (Abhishek Prakash)::

i like:his attitude he shows towards others,planning,mature,hard

working,love for hindi

movies,caring,smile,guts,high tempo and +ve attitude

i dont:his extra privacy,his attitude he hides,not

open,selfish,helpful[not 100%],

C 134 mathur(Apurva M)::[inactive]

i like:good,just as a friend ..not much to say

i dont:his galiyan,pjs










plz give ur opinions..plz dont take it seriously..i love u all..

better improve next time and for the last time..

all the best for sems and good bye

Dharmu’s Reply

hi all ,

...............NO COMMENTS ......

direct dil se .....





Abhilash’s Next mail [rk_cge] New poll for rk_cge

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the

Rk_cge group:

ur best friend in CGE/u like best among the worst

o nema

o dharmu

o neeraj

o abhilash

o nishant

o gp

o nihar

o abhisek

o mathur

o do not click here or on urself

plz vote in hte poll created in the group as soon as possible
dont make it a crap

Nishant’s Reply

heyheyhey.........wats this?!!! polling for ur best friend?????.......IS Anybody there who belives in RATING friends???.....I do not???....There are good points and bad points in people this never mean to CATEGORIZE them and showing them how much you love (..HATE) him....GRADING may hurt anyone. SOMETIME its not good to tell everyone what YOU think about him; other may have good opinion for the person u hate most.ITS YOUR PRIVATE OPINION and should not revealed publicly IT HURTS!!

I am not going to rate any of my friend in this pole and I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS ACT. For me all of you have 10/10, cause you are my friend not my employee who need to be considered for promotion or a subject who is under testing and experimenting for my R&D cell.

Best wishes


Dharmu’s Reply on My Reply

hi all

i am with naishe me too not going for any such poll

as it will hurt ... so me too not interested in

polling such a pol ....

its better be the way the u like them and and rate

themselves within ur self ..... that is most

important ...

ok bye now

Abhilash’s Reply on My Reply

i am sorry for the polling

i have deleted it..

but regarding my opinions and points etc Mr Nishant


make sure that we r really friends live in same wing

u have mentioned it quite a few time that we r

friends.and there is nothing wrong in it pointing out

someones good and bad points.for example say thr is a

lots of difference between my two friends avik sarkar

and neeraj.i cant give any comments on avik but i can

on neeraj.the points r just for fun..after all we stay

in live like a family in a house.u r the first person

to know about me every morning.

and u buddy Mr nishant after all my request u take it

seriously..but dont forget u did and do the work of

"commenting" for most of the time.i dont like it and

i hope many other also dont like it.and that time u

dont think of the word

Nishant’s reply on Above Message

I dont want a altercation on this point but there is something I wud like to "say".

I hope U understand the difference between "Verbal commenting" and "Declaration" ,moreover all my "Lecture" on opening ur heart was concerned to ur Polling Act which u urself think is cheap.

A best cause against polling is it may lead to misconception for a emotional person when he find his best friend like a wingmate most whom he hate most.Dont u think that?.....Hard to believe but think it -not as u r in a debate but as a doctor's suggetion bitter but good for u no good for doctor.

All I said was not hurt u but to make u aware of the fact when things get more than the sweet they get sour.



ABHISHEK PRAKASH [rk_cge] guys whats this happening!!!!!!!!!11

hi friends...

what the hell is happening in the group messages...i was sad

yesterday that i was not getting the messages but today i am

disappointed that even after enjoying 1 year together we hav such

misunderstandings....i just want to tell you all that CGE is the best

wing of the rk hall and we hav to maintain this profile...we have

always been together and we shud be same...whatever abhilash did was

just his way of making us know ourselves better..ya that "poll 4 best

friend" idea may be bad but remember he was the 1 who took all the

pains of pointing all the good and bad points about all of us...and i

do feel that he really never meant to hurt any1...neways, its hard

time that we get back together and work for the ultimate vision and

mission that we have in life.....

and ya thnx to n2 that he raised that point....i think this issue is

solved now and for please do not stretch it far too long...

dharmu bhaiya ka bahut bahut dhanyawad ki unhone hume n2 ki point

system wali mail mugne ki salah di...thnx be...and ya .. i luv u alll

so lets njoy

abhishek prakash

aka lamba jeev

My(Nishant’s) Reply on Above Mail

yup!!let end this argument.yet I found something very

hi fi in Abhisheks mail.Points are

1. just want to tell you all that CGE is the best wing of the rk hall(WHO TOLD U?) and we hav to maintain this profile(What?)

2.pains of pointing all the good and bad points about all of us(Too exaggeration Some times its FUN.Isnt it?)

3.we get back together and work for the ultimate vision and mission that we have in life.....(WOhaaw I never knew this chaos will bring such a gr8 opportunity)

4. Do not panic Its just my general commenting phenomenon that automatically wrote this mail without filtering the material from my Brain



Nihar’s Reply on Above Reply

sahi naishe.......hehehe

Abhisheks Reply on My Reply

hi n2 plus rest of u....

ya some points may be hi fi in the mail..but dont thnk of cge as a low profile wing...

chalo all d best

<<<<<<<,I Thought we could have another debate at this point.Dont u think Its interesting? :: Naishe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Gaurav P’s reply on the whole event (however the War had been over weeks ago!!! lol)

I am making all the rk_cge mails to be automatically directed to trash.

Enough of chutiyapa ....I dont like crap in my mail box.

My(Nishant) Reply on Above Mail

cool dowm Mr.Cool U responded too late War is over plz calm down dont get panic everything is fine now


Total mail transferred = 13 in three days


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