Tuesday, December 21, 2004


It was a great experience in participating IEEE INDICON Contest our SolarTracker was working fine fast and accurate enough that we thought we were going to give good compatition with One degree of freedom ie single axis rotation.But we find our apparatus was miles behind the others in Mechanical Structure(My part) 'coz others had two degree of freedom however electronic circuitery was great and was working great(yo!Vijaysagar).However It was encouraging.
The worst part was started now .We suffered a great amount of pain due to communication gap ,misunderstanding and misbehave. Have some look on dialogs(exact)

We: Sir,we were late 'coz we participated in Harrdware part and it ended lately.
Coordinator#1 : Tum log aise hi ho kuchh nahi ho sakta tumhara.(How can he decide?Surprised?)
We: Sir,there was nowhere it was mentioned in the mail that you would not provide the train fare to team from kharagpur.
Coordinator#2: I am mentioning it now .(Looks like Ambani says I AM THE BOSS.lol)
A proffesor incharge, who first ensured us that we will get train fare, finally refusing all said : ........It was our policy to encourage ouside team(what?...does it mean to discourage home teams?)....you people are making it a bussiness(looks like outsiders money has more importance and whatever we spent on the journey and on food in last one week)
It is vividly visible that how much a person ,when given power,can be irresponsible and rude.

I learned one important lesson what my mother always says that POWER COMES WITH RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU CAN NOT BEAR THE LATER DONT TAKE THE FORMER.