Monday, September 04, 2006


HLL Pre-placement Talk : A joke never told.

It was a fine morning of first week of september. I woke up at 5:00 AM, wind was cool and it was showering. Whole aura was very sensual and I was lost in memory lane. Nice, beautiful and tingling memories. And suddenly I saw a dog coming running towards me, I snapped my face towards it. The poor creature terrified by my action tried to stop, but the floor was slippery and it slipped and banged its head on wall. It was really funny to see such a weird act by a four legged animal and I blast into laugh. I thought that it was going to be a funfilled day.

I finished all the extracurricular activities (all you can think of.) before 09.15 AM and was getting bored. HLL PPT (pre-placement talk : a presentation to attract students to apply for their company.) was scheduled at 10:00 AM. I still had at least half of an hour to scrap. Then I saw HLL poster which requested people to gather at 09.45 "sharp", I decided to test the sharpness of Prof. Sinha's* promise about not allowing people to enter the room after presentation starts. I headed towards PPT place.

Four beautiful events occured that day.

Event#1 : wada tera wada.
It was 09:50 AM. I was in seminar room and there was one more (and ONLY one) alive thing with me in the room; my mobile phone. After a stretched single minute Prof . Sinha* arrived following him presentation crew of HLL. Two more minutes and here they were ready to present the PPT but they found single lean, panicky and frightened viewer as me. They decide to wait for few others.
09:58 : Two more guys entered into the room. Ahh! finally. But to presenters' disappointment, they were the students selected for coming HLL summer training. A girl (Aunti) from the crew approached them and adviced to dial someone and request them to come to PPT. The guys - with their utmost commitment to HLL - tried to contact anyone and everyone the can.
10:25 : Finally after more than half hour of embarrassing chaos the PPT started.

Event#2: if you're not a winner, you are a looser.
It was a boring - boring presentation by boring boring people for boring boring people to test their boring-ness bearing capacity. Suddently they realized the one and only on time comer is sleeping (hehehe.... bluffing :-D) and they started a video featuring HLL's top-notch guys boasting (yeah BOASTING) about their hardcore job and tough requirements for the job. The messege behind their this highly arrogant advertisment was - "you're capable of surviving or getting selected in HLL only if you are a gifted child and when one start compairing you with God, GOD must come after to you." (I mean if you're ranked 97875 then god's rank should never be lesser than 97876. Clear?)
If you remember correctly or if you've seen IBM's early 70's advertisments** then I can say the Advertisment by HLL was eqally bragging. An old and structured corporation trying to feature itself as modern flexible company. It was like trying to ride on horse wearing Saaree.

Event#3: jan gan man
It was almost closing time for HLL PPT. They asked people to listen their HLL anthem before they leave. Once again; read carefully this time. They asked people to listen their HLL anthem before they leave. have you got it? HLL ANTHEM not National Anthem, correct?
3,2,1 and start.
HLL anthem started, people started standing up. For a second I felt mercy for HLL guys. I thought people are preparing to leave, but to my surprise they remained standing. I was shocked and sitting. Probably the only guy sitting. I was biting my lips and laughing at them for their pre-matured honesty towards HLL, even when they all know perhaps one or none of them are going to be selected by HLL.
It was good to see people who scrach their ass in sitting position while National Anthem is being sung, were standing and attentive in HLL anthem. At least they have got faith somewhere if not neccessarily in India.

Event#4: Yeh tera show, yeh mera show.
The only thing I like about HLL is that they have got money and they have a lot of it. So they organized a GD/PI simulation session by IMS. (a personality Improvement coaching.) I was one of the chosen few (100). Not on my caliber basis, but on lottery basis. Show started camera (videp camera) ON, Lights (studio lights) ON, One student climbed on stage. ACTION. Camera rolling, student started farting about itself. Then.........
The Lady Director : who is it?
The disturber: It's IMS crew ma'am. We were told to organize a GD/PI session in this room.
The Lady Director : Ohh! we are in wrong room. Pack-up.
[students started laughing.]

I enjoyed this all. Hope you too.
* Training and Placement incharge, IIT Kharagpur. 2006-07 session.
** Refer Pirates of Silicon Valley(1999), Hollywood movie/documentary
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Type: Real fact based, personal opinion.
Time and Place: September 02, 2006. IIT Kharagpur. India
Composed on : September 04, 2006. 04.00 AM
Author: Nishant Neeraj
Based on real incident.
It is author's personal view.


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