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B.U.F.Y. 7: Déjà-vu, Premonition and Eventuality

Baby, Uncle and the Fifth Year (B.U.F.Y.) 7: Déjà-vu, Premonition and Eventuality
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Placement and déjà-vu: I was over confident, something inside me kept on telling me that I was going to make it big. I found myself in contrast with reality. But then many other who thought they would fail miserably, found themselves in contrast too. It was our campus placement time when conflict with negative reality could an unaffordable deal… and it was.

Surprisingly, Uncle was too calm by appearance until Jan 21st when he got selected in Tavant Technologies and then he expressed it in all possible ways of expression a monkey and a human can give together. There was a moment, somewhere twenty days earlier to this day, when I made uncle so frustrated that he went for Flextronics placement process where he was the only non-Matka (Matka: M.Tech. parallel entry. we assume, they have lower intellect.) Uncle thought he under estimated himself. It was a fun to listen this story every time he recites it with expression.

Baby was utterly frustrated as me, we used to sit and compare others with us for hours. Sometimes it gave a feeling of comfort to find better guys lacking success and all other times it was a pain. Baby kept on blaming himself for not taking IBM’s sure shot success interview and Tata Motors, Jamshedpur campus placement process.

Tata Motors, Pune gave him a chance to dance.

For me it was all down, as I said earlier, I was over confident. So every day, in evening, after failing some two to three written exams (leave interview alone)we used to go to Harry’s, order Medu Vada and Tea, discuss and vent out our frustration, veil, moan, howl and do it again the next day. It was more like repeating the same day again and again. Uncle named this phenomenon – déjà-vu.

There were two important turning points

  1. Uncle had got another chance to get interviewed by BPCL for some biotech scientist post. it was a decent job and in some concerns better than Tavant's. Uncle had good chances to clear it because two other selected candidates were from chemistry background while Uncle had a biotech degree.

    Uncle missed it; call him ignorant, lazy-bone, unfortunate or over joyed… your wish. Baby and I call him back-stabbed biotechie. The story is this, Uncle, after placement, reduced his frequency to visit placement notice board to very close to zero, and so did we. Someday between Tavant’s placement day and Tavant’s disaster day, a notice came that Uncle and two other blokes had got selected for the final round of interview with BPCL. This information was there with one of the Uncle’s very close ‘biotech’ friend who revealed this, days after the interview day was gone. Uncle could have two jobs in hand and we started teasing him that he was stabbed in the back for the second time by one of “the biotechie.” Uncle had rather simple answer to defend it that he wasn’t interested into that job. We stopped teasing soon.

    Then the day came when Tavant ditched (third dagger in Uncle’s back) and Uncle push himself very hard to accept the fact that only if he wasn’t chiseled, he could have suffering a lot less pain in his you-know-where. (He used to accept this with three trouble lines on his forehead screaming that he could kill this guy if he was found at the moment.)

  2. The second was Baby’s similar chaos with Force Motors, Pune. This organization was paying lot more than Tata Pune and the interview panel was visibly impressed by Baby’s skills. He had got shortlisted for the final round of the selection process and in next two weeks they would process his information and send him a return air ticket to Pune and would also bear all the expenses. Great.

    After this Baby had got placed in Tata Motors within a week, yet he had all the right to go for the Force Motors interview – which he really wanted to do at that time. Someone – don’t know who, but Baby would say disgustfully that one of those idiot selfish selected Matkas’ it was – reported to the training and placement cell that Baby was trying to hog on two jobs. And our overly fair training and placement department mercilessly cut his name out.

    I guess Baby would get red hot with anger if I would tell him that Force Motors is going to own a F1 team for 2008 F1 championship!

Jan 1st, James Bond, Nagina and Non-sense: Had many reasons to cry out loud but Casino Royle was the main. None of us was placed, didn’t go home, IBM was gone and many other.

It was January 1st. They say last year was unlucky New Year will bring happiness with it. I say it is only matter of time when you’ll repeat this.

We planned to watch Nagina with Coffee and Kurkure treat. Change of plan, we had to watch Casino Royle. Did a lot of non-sense and danced a bit. At the end of the movie it was clear nothing was going to change in this New Year, it will suck too. And so did it.

Tavant Drama: It was mere a reason to go home that I have got placed in Tavant Technology, otherwise days were going so hard that nothing seemed to favor me. For placements, they did all the drama of test then test again, then GD then interview. Uncle and I have got selected.

Happy but not satisfied at the time, eventually I adjusted myself (too lazy to try anything else) and Tavant seemed fine for a career starting. We were two months away from Tavant’s real fraud. We found out Tavant was an over-priced deal – the placement was just a backup for them in case of large resignation from their already revenue and customer losing company.

As the time window of this story slides two more months from now, you’ll know more about Tavant’s fraud – in coming parts of B.U.F.Y.


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