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B.U.F.Y. 8: Secrets Unveiled

Baby, Uncle and the Final Year (B.U.F.Y.) 8: Secrets Unveiled

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Dharmu and My confession: Dharmu – I guess, I would never find a person who worth making friend more than Dharmu. He is a typical of My Best Friend essay that we used to write in school.

After everyone of our trio got placed, he came to Kgp to share our long awaited job treat. I drink vodka, then thought, ‘Okay! When doing sin do it completely.’ and drunk 3 vodkas, 3 cigarettes and guess, 2 beedis.

After this we went to TSC at night around 10 o’clock. With lying flat on our back, on dew drenched green grass and no light around us, January night’s moderate cold air was hovering over us from our feet passing over our tummy and getting obstructed by our noses, telling us that we were the centre of the universe for the moment. We started open heart discussion; I confessed a lot of good and bad of me, and of others. (Don’t have much to write about)

Dharmu was real emotional and for the first time I knew he was serious about someone. His talk was a mix of a responsible person’s thoughts (a less of Dharmu-like) and an emotional regular Dharmu talk. He seemed to miss his Kgp life too much and unlike now he didn’t like his job then. But then most of the time I found he was really frustrated about the fact that he didn’t have someone special… a girlfriend. (A summary of what Dharmu told on the day.)

We all felt so light hearted – no one was complaining there but it was something what AOL folks would say a ‘opening your heart’, we had one of the most emotional discussions of our Kgp life (I rate it one of my top 5 emotional discussions at Kgp).

Baby opened Uncle’s Biotech Biasing Discussion*, Uncle tried to give some toothless reason to back his point. Needless to say anyone was caring because it was not about what actually happened, it was about seeing yourself from someone else’s eyes – especially someone who doesn’t belongs to biotech group yet always less preferred over them. (As told by Baby on that day)

Uncle talked about Baby’s heavy dependency on his leaching friends, Baby was defenseless. He kept on talking making friends who eventually started over powering his own decision that he made for himself… talked about Mr. S. Singh, Mr. R. Agarawal, Lamboo and few others. But then moved back to his 2nd year and repeated the story of an alumnus coming to Uncle’s room (which, then, was shared by Dharmu, Baby and Uncle) with his wife and daughters only to find himself in an embarrassed condition when he saw dirty porous inside-out under wears hanging in a row on a rope starting from door to one corner of a double room, and then the three universally unique cartoons somehow hiding their body with small knickers, who were in equally amazement of the moment and dilemma of playing goodie good with a previous student of institute or playing loafer and skimming the girls with their lesser girl-habitual eyes – supposedly they kept their speechless mouth open and eyes wide open, and remained movement-less until the visitors left the monkey show. (As told by Uncle on that day)

But again, it was nothing like blaming, accusing or getting an answer but more like opening up to the people you believe in. We had great 6 hours, probably the best 6 hours in the whole 5th year.

* Biotech Biasing: This is a phenomenon in which Uncle shows his biasing towards his Biotech classmates. Uncle waves hand, shouts to his Biotech friends, who most of the time seemed to completely ignore this act of Uncle. Sometimes, Uncle leaves the companion who he came with and forcibly sticks to Biotech friends who, again, are not found happy to have Uncle with them. It doesn’t bother Uncle if a truck runs over the person he came with, if only he gets a glimpse of a Bio-techie in his range of view. (As described by Baby)

Bangalore dream and Supremo’s Extinction Plan: Here is the list:

  1. Settle with GP and Nihar in a decent 2 BHK in a better place than Hebbagodi in Bangalore.

  2. Get a decent broadband connection and old heavy tring-tring black dialing phone.

  3. Recreate wing-like life.

  4. Weekly mall view, movies and decent weekends and general hang outs.

  5. To become a pain in Supremo’s ass: Who is Supremo? Supremo is some AB C college grad, who had got selected in Tavant Technology and was over –happy. He is the idiot behind the idea of starting a new James Bond copy-cat community for people who were selected to Tavant from 2007 batch namely, Tavant007. Supremo was the guy who gave this idea to place order for hand-bands exclusively for 2007 Tavantites which says – TAVANT 007. Stupidity has no start and no end, he also had this plan to show this band to their seniors and make them jealous.

    We realized that Supremo must be screwed; we decided to support his stupidity and amplify it with more stupid add-ons. So if he says to order a hand band, we would advice to order T-shirts saying – ‘TAVANT 007 – seniors were too idiot that Tavant had to hire fresh batch of lesser idiots’. And we knew he would like this idea with clapping hands and jumping feet.

  6. Uh … oh, I was forgetting this plan to buy a Gramophone.
    Uncle Help me with other plans of ours I am kind of missing all the things that we had listed to do.

Baby and Suku-Suku: Baby has started taking long times on phone, long chats on phone with occasional suspicious smiles (blushing). We researched and found out, a particular girl keep on filling Baby’s Orkut scrapbook without caring the response from Baby side. Many times it is one liner like, ‘Kaise hain aap?’ (How are you) or ‘Aap to jawaab hi nahi dete.’ (Never answer you) and I am forgetting the typical word she used to call Baby with, I guess it was Natkhat (naughty) or Sharmeele (Shy honey-pot) or perhaps ziddi (arrogant).

(Uncle, Help maadi**… what was the exact nick name of Baby that Suku-Suku used to call with?)

**Kannada verb: used for action

Uncle (tirelessly) tried everything to get her name out and Baby never uttered a single clue even in drunken state. One thing was sure that Baby liked talking with her because he never ignored her scrapbook entries and was in contact with her even after his number has got changed lately.

Baby kept this too secret to get us some material to make a story. We started referring her Suku-Suku – a word invented by Uncle for our reference. Suku – Suku and Baby’s story is still alive I guess, and it is going good. All I hope that in near future we would be able to know her name and if got lucky he would show us her picture and we would be extremely lucky if Baby let us meet her but it is unexpected looking on Baby’s behavior towards her!


mad dog said...

good one Naishe .... u have a grt potential as a professional writer

I remember we spent nearly 3 months making up plans of what to do in Bangy . I remember some of the most ridiculus ones , remaining were forgotten during 1.5 months of chaos :)

1) Solution to commuting - sit on a bora(sac) tie it to HGV in front of u and jump off the bora when u reach office.

2) We drew up a budget for our 500/- SodexHo coupons , 5rs biscuit packet in lunch , 10rs dosa in dinner and something like that

3) We were planing , at a point , to live in the office itself. I imagined us going through the office with a towel draped around the waist and soap in hand , wearing hawai chappal.

4)For supremo , we decided that we wd get "someone heavier" to deal with him (u know who) in addition to occasional "kambal pitai"

and last point , suku-suku used to call baby as "sabse alag" , after a psudo-super-hero from a crappy hindi action movie.Actually I have more info in this matter and wd have shared happily but I fear for my life

I still can't figure out how she got Baby's new number when he swears not to have given her ???

Nishant Neeraj said...

yeah.. great Uncle.
I forgot a lot of things...
Supremo's "Kambal Kutai" by you-know-who... man! I am still laughing on this idea.

'Sabse Alag'... hmmm ha ha ha cant stop laughing!

Nishant Neeraj said...

Supremo is one of his kind, so there is no possibility of exemplify someone else like him. ;)


Nishant Neeraj said...

B.U.F.Y. 9: Close Encounters of the Third Kind is released.

Nishant Neeraj said...

The last Part in Series
B.U.F.Y. 11: THE END?
is released.

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