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B.U.F.Y. 6: Betrayal near Cheddis'

Baby, Uncle and the Fifth Year (B.U.F.Y) Part:6 - Betrayal near Chheddis'
Links for Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5 (Links to future parts will be available in comments)

Uncle and Mr. Trouble Maker (TM)*: Had I not been with Uncle, I would have described TM as utterly boring, big head muggu and must have told you that he never satisfied with whatever marks he got in examination and used to go to professor and ask to increase his marks by one.

Now, I describe him like this. Had it not been TM, the hottie from Chandigarh would have been Uncle’s girlfriend. (And we could have got more chances to make a feast for eyes)

In short, Uncle persuaded this real babe girl to join Kgp and TM was the one who was taking all the fun from Uncle’s hard work. Unfortunately, TM and the girl were bold enough to make public display of affection (including clinching each-other’s butt) and every time Uncle saw this PDA he felt like TM was nailing long, thick, rusted and blunt nail into his heart and then shaking it to widen the hole!

Once uncle was eating corn (Bhutta) TM came sneaking from the back and snatched it (and obviously started eating.) Uncle turned back to find out TM and then the hottie by the side of him. TM was smiling on his clever trick of snatching the food from Uncle. And Uncle was busy in calculating the amount of damage that TM had done to his ‘to be life’. TM had already taken the girl from him and now he was on his food too. All that Uncle could say at the moment was, “Kya kya chhinega mere se yaar tu?” (What else do you have in list to rob from me? Hmm, buddy?)

Poor Uncle, I feel sorry for you (and for us all)

*Mr. Trouble Maker: Mr. TM’s name is replaced due to strong opposition but believe me, Mr. TM does exist.

Gandi Maggie, Naale ka kinara, Chhedi’s and the Cow before the Train (Filthy Maggie, Drainage Odour, Chhedi’s and the Cow before the Train): A typical description of the most famous night hang-out place of our times, for IITians at Kharagpur – Chhedis aka 6ds.

[I am sorry that I do not have an image of chhedis', I would appreciate if someone provides me with one]


3 AM at Chhedi’s, order Maggy and Tea. The boys, who worked there, were ambidextrous cleaner, waiter, cashier and cook… all in one, they lived shabby. Here is a list of activities of a boy that you can watch once you have placed your order. He goes to pee in bushes with slipper on; the way to bushes is dusty which makes his feet dust-full. Then while coming back through the dusty path he realizes that he saw a small dirty (perhaps spotted with red spit of Pan) piece of paper submerged into the dirt – the paper usually has a semi naked photograph, nothing else can be more exciting than a semi-nude woman pretty dirty and totally covered with dirt. Can anything be? – so he picks it up, sees it, momentary pause, then he runs to Chhedi’s to share it with other worker boys. They laugh. Then the boss comes and kicks their butt, and asks them to serve food to the customers. The guy with dirty, dusty and unhygienic hands, takes the steel plate full of Maggy in one hand with his four finger dipped inside hot Maggy and on other he carries four glasses full of tea, again four fingers dipped in four glasses (one finger to each customer’s glass, fair distribution) and he starts moving towards customers – mind that he hadn’t washed his hand yet – but then, on the way, he finds out that his slipper’s strip is loose. He puts the Maggy on one of the several benches lying by the side of road, where a stray dog smells the Maggy and finds nothing interesting to fight for. This guy tightens the slipper strip with Maggy dipped hand and holds Maggy again in same manner and serves us. While going back to serve other customer, He takes all the finished plates already cleaned by a lurking dog’s tongue.


There flows a very-very smelly sewage very close to place where you sit and eat your Gandi Maggy.

Chedi’s itself is a uniquely attractive place; they misplace the orders, make a delay and that gives you a reason to talk more and blame Chedi’s service for it. If you ask for more sauce you may not get it at all, but you would surely listen a reply from Michael (aka Mohan) that ‘Abhi saadi nahi hui hai humaari, saas kahaan se laayein’ (I’m yet a single where would I get a saas (mother-in-law) for you.)


And one more attractive ambience is ultra slow moving goods train. So whenever a cow or a goat or anything alive comes into the way of the train the driver stops the train; comes down and gently make it go out of the rail. He patiently does it again, if the animal walk in again.

We love chhedi’s for the reasons that no matter whether it is your worst day or the best, it gives you unknown pleasure to hang out in Chedi’s with friends or without them (I went there many times alone in the 5th year.)


Jake_Sully said...

mast hai dost... wish I was there to enjoy the moment... But please make the title of your blog static, not dynamic. It changed from Baby,Uncle and Final Year to Baby,Uncle and Fifth Year. LOL...

mad dog said...

normal working of the world as usual , somebody else getting the benefits from my hard work :(

anyway , if Mr. TM hadn't been there , I would still be single coz I m too lazy to put the effort of making a GF

mad dog said...

while mentioning 6ds , u forgot the goat who would put a "fight untill death" for ur bread. One person was needed on guard duty while other person will eat , then they will switch roles :)

Nishant Neeraj said...

To tom_m_riddle: Thanks. Actually I messed up the title :) but I cover it this ways.
Lets give you a popular example that I know you are very very familiar with. Sometime it is "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", and sometime "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

Switching titles, rang any bell?

Nishant Neeraj said...

To mad dog: Yeah, perhaps you should search for some extra-ordinarily strongly Dharmu-typed high enthusiastic girl who is head-over-heels in love with you.

Yeah man, 6ds has many more things you can write about... 320 food bore, the fish trolley with people jumping over the fishes, three engine train, the yellow RCC mixture and crusher that passes every 1 hr after midnight and the list goes on...

Nishant Neeraj said...

B.U.F.Y. 8: Secrets Unveiled is released.

Nishant Neeraj said...

The last Part in Series
B.U.F.Y. 11: THE END?
is released.

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