Monday, January 07, 2008

B.U.F.Y. 5 : My Girl vs Your Girl

Uncle and Girls vs. Baby and Girls:
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[Please donot ask for real identities]

We were guys without guts; I mean I am sure for me at least. So there are three kinds of cowards. One is Uncle Type, who can talk to girls but nothing more or less than academics. Second is Baby Type, who can talk to girl and help them but it is more like brotherly talk and brotherly help. Third is My Type, the females whom he can talk are found in two categories, one Motherly category which contains his Mom only and other, Sister category which contains his sibling sisters.

Baby and Uncle had this habit of throwing mud on each-other while talking about the others girl-repelling power. I will just put it point-wise. Usually this discussion goes very long.

Uncle and Girls:

  1. Got one hot Librarian who lived in Lucknow where Uncle was living at that time. Uncle used to go in the same train as her. Happen to talk her – may be two times. Never had guts to invite her for a coffee.
    A lot of push from Baby and my side made him to invite her to his room on our Hall’s Day. (We don’t know the truth whether he actually invited her.)Uncle for the first time in his CGE life cleaned the room and hid all the unsocial stuffs.
    She never came.
  2. Got another chance on a hottie (Uncle, you son of a bi*ch!) from Chandigarh. Uncle single handedly persuaded her father to make sure the girl takes admission in Biotech Dept IIT Kharagpur.
    Uncle succeeded and perhaps the girl showed some tinny-tiny interested in Uncle. But Uncle remained “friendly.”
    This story will be discussed again during this sequence.

Baby and Girls:

  1. Baby is too brotherly to girls. Unlike screw minded people like me, Baby has different POV. Not much to talk, he found out a sister who were kind enough to send him gifts and home-made sweets.
    Good for him, yet Uncle never left a chance to tease Baby that he missed a chance. (I call it Atom Bomb, whenever Baby dominates in ‘Uncle could not get a girl friend’ discussion. Uncle drops it and the discussion stops with sour taste at the end.)
  2. When Baby came back from his summer trip to Saharanpur in 2006, he came with blush. Something fishy was apparent. Especially when he started denying that he had a girlfriend and started talking long hours on phone.
    The activity was traceable on Orkut. But again, it was like drinking water from black well with a straw (capillary).

We were the great losers in this arena. Lately Uncle started ‘Orkut Hunt’ but it was futile.


Thanks to esta.sketch for the illustration.


Nishant Neeraj said...

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mad dog said...

"Uncle single handedly persuaded his father" ???? or her father ???

Nishant Neeraj said...

ah! Schooling in Hindi has to reflect somewhere, so did it.

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