Friday, January 04, 2008

B.U.F.Y. 4: Brain Thief - Phone Thief

Baby, Uncle and the Fifth Year (B.U.F.Y.) Part 4: Brain Thief - Phone Thief
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Baby and Guide’s Chaos: Baby was one of serious guys in Mechanical Engineering although it never reflected in his grade point averages. He was one of those freaky big heads who choose their project guide six months before the project starts. He talked to Prof. Ghosh Malik who agreed to take him as his intern.

Happily in next semester when Baby went to the professor for official paperwork done, he promptly denied the fact that he was ever agree on the fact of Baby being his intern. Baby, now broken hearted, realized that even the laziest guy had ‘booked’ an easy guide for himself and that he had no other option than to choose Prof. XYZ Murthy.

Murthy was one of those professors who never believed in students (Mechanical Engineering had a majority of those) and no matter how hard Baby worked professor had a way to scold him. It may be as big as manipulation of data to as small as a formatting issue.

Baby shaves, puts on formals, wear no fashionable accessories on the day when he has to meet to his project guide. It was like he’s going for interview. He returns frustrated with mouthful slangs for his guide and comes to me or to Uncle with a wish to go out to Harry’s for Medu Vada and fag. There we used to talk how worse our life was. Obviously we never knew.

Baby wrote a poem dedicated to his guide which compares his guide to Hitler.

Uncle, Lamboo and Flip-flop Phone: Ever since we came to a conclusion that Nihar’s flip flop mobile was stolen by Lamboo, we kind of started hating this guy. We blame him for anything and everything wrong happening in the universe. So we could make a conspiracy theory that far inside the Andromeda if some planet collides with massive asteroid which tore it apart, it was Lamboo who designed this disaster.

Uncle seemed to enjoy this information the most. He assumes that Lamboo, who had stolen the flip flop, knew that we knew about his hand in it and since he was acting innocent, he would not disagree any less than Uncle when he stares straight in his eye and talk about the possibility of another mobile phone theft.

Uncle used to do it like this. He would stand straight face-to-face to Lamboo. He would hold Lamboo’s both shoulders firmly, shake it vigorously as if waking him up then would make stable eye contact and start, “Abe sun, saale. Wing mein mobile phone chor hai, bahut choriyaan ho rehi hai. Tu bhi apna phone chhupaa ke rakh pataa nahi chor ki nazar tere mobile par ho. (Keep your eyes wide open, no one knows whose mobile is next. The thief is still in the wing and active.)


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