Monday, December 24, 2007

Baby, Uncle and the Final Year (BUFY): 1 Introduction

Baby, Uncle and the Final Year: Part 1 (BUFY 1: Introduction)
This story is divided into parts. This is part 1.

June started with Nema leaving the institute, and thus ending the list of closest friends that I have ever had in the campus. It was bizarre to realize that most of the closest friends of mine were in four year courses. I calculated how much aloof am I going to feel in next 10 months. Pretty Aloof – I thought.

I had these three aliens in my wing; each had its own way to alienate itself. Moving left to right in the order their dorms appear, first is Uncle. This guy remembers our first meeting like this (He acts it too.)
[Scene: 1st Year, Someday Dinner time, JCB Mess some discussion about fairness of SN Hall girls is going on. Surroundings are like Chappal Gang is beating one of its own members and relishing on their own foolish uniqueness]

Someone: (being skeptical) How come these SN girls are so ‘white’?

I: That is because they eat a lot of Safedi (Whitener / White substance).
That is all what he can remember of me!

Then the other guy: Lamboo. Lamboo was the least preferred acquaintance that I would ever like to have. Causes are many but one of best is perhaps his unique art to take you into trust and betray you. I really admire this skill. But this kind of skill you really like in yourself, not in your friends. On top of that, he was a kleptomaniac. I did not want to loose my music system.

And finally, this really friendly guy: Baby. Baby was way too friendly that he almost always becomes dependent on his friends. And they obviously exploit this nature to the extent they can.

It was unappealing to befriend the three. So I started my initiative of making friends elsewhere. I started making my places in already developed friend circles (these circles are like cult. Secluded with each other. A circle member talk within their circle. But I was an intruder anyway, so I select when to go to which circle). I was much involved with RP-CTW, Vixy’s Maggu group, Shubhang Band Party and Maths and compu junta.

But unlike any other, I enjoyed the new relationships with Uncle and Baby. I really miss each single moment with them – with all the stupidity and ups and downs. Here I would like to share a few of them.

These stories may contain sprinkle of foul language, but believe me, the description is dead without all those adjectives. I apologize in advance, if I happen to make anyone feel bad. It is not one of my intentions. All the characters are real.

This story would run in parts here are the bullets I have decided to write on.

Baby, Uncle and Bike
  Uncle’s Promise
  Baby, Bike and Uncle’s Fear

Blue Pill - Red Pill
  Bike and Lamboo’s curse
  Baby’s Gate Score
  Uncle’s Dilemma: GATE crossed but no scholarship

Brain Thief -- Phone Thief
  Baby and Guide’s Chaos
  Uncle, Lamboo and Flip-Flop phone

My Girl vs Your Girl
  Uncle and Girls vs Baby and Girls

Betrayal near Chhedi's
  Uncle and Tanul Mehta
  Gandi Maggi, Naale ka Kinara, Chhediz and the Cow before the Train

Deja-vu, Premonition and Eventuality
  Placement session and déjà-vu
  Jan 1st, James Bond, Nagina and Non-sense
  Tavant Drama

Secrets Unveiled
  Dharmu and My confession
  Bangalore dream and Supremo’s Extinction Plan
  Baby and Suku-Suku

Close Encounters of The Third Kind
  Uncle’s Bear Bottle Bottom-up
  Uncle, Baby, Kgp’s Psycho and all about ‘Indian Flag on Mars’

Ready to Fly, Ready to Fight
  Dhoti, Kurta and Bang-Bang
  Uncertain goodbye

The End?!
  Fuck you Tavant Technologies
  See you Kgp
  E for enjoy Electronic City


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