Thursday, May 01, 2008

SLOG: To Mr. Tharoor

SLOG: To Mr. Tharoor
SLOG means Small bLOG

March 30th, 2008, in Sunday Times in his column, Mr. Shashi Throor writes a fiction, “An IIT graduate walks near a pond, gets a speaking frog that requests and then begs to kiss it so that it can turn into a real beautiful loving princes. The IITian guy replies that he has got no time for girls but a talking frog is cool.” [Rephrased from: Why some engineers become terrorist]

For your kind information, Mr. Tharoor, engineers are frustrated variety of human being. A kind of people, who get frustrated when everything is the way as they wanted, for the reasons why everything have to be in their way; and the other way, they have got reasonable reason.

They are frustrated. If there is no work, they feel wasting life, if too much work then a slave. And in case there is good work-life balance, then they feel making no positive impact on the world by living like any other Tom, Dick or Harry.

Mr. Tharoor, frustration is the 47th chromosome that an engineer adds up in its DNA during education. This chromosome pairs up with 48th chromosome as terrorism in later phase of its life. Now, depending on dominating circumstances, either the engineer turns into more common spouse torturer or less common terrorist.

I am pretty much sure that you must have never been to pond for a walk. If you go, you may find some engineer catching every second frog and kissing to get a possible princess convertible frog.



Unknown said...

satya bachan, satya bachan

Anonymous said...

BOMMENT := !!Big Comment!!
Actually speaking, the true nature of an IITian is a protected attribute of the IIT class. There is a wrapper class around it which causes abstraction, which is what people actually see. Now since you are derived from IIT, you are aware of the protected attribute i.e. true IITians nature. But the world is not. For reasons good enough, that attribute has been made protected and not public. So better let it be there. Let people be motivated by people like you, by people who want to do something, by people who do not want to end their life without doing some justice to their name, justice to their institute and above all by people who want to create a saga of their own, just as the owner of this site did.

Nishant Neeraj said...

To a. Thanks for raising your hand in agreement.

To Anon: Some real life OOP. I can't be not agree with you for the reasons you have made me derived from a class which others are not. So if I disagree you'd say the reason is my parent class, and I cant agree with you on what I am able to see. You got the circular fallacy? It feels good what you say but not true. I see lots of frustration in an engineering grad object even if it is not a subclass of IITian type. The only thing is the attribute frustration is private and getter/setter for this attribute is also private... you have to have an instance of those classes and call the getter. If null you can set a frustration easily. :)

And I dont know whether I did justice to my name/institute but reading last line of yours I can drink bitter coffee with smile.

KS said...

Very funny post sir! I am sure all frogs will now have inter specie relationship issues.

On a serious note, your analysis is thought provoking. Without getting into the iit/non iit sham of a debate, the frustration that is allowed to build up in us in places like KGP is quite unavoidable.

Soumya said...

"frustration is the 47th chromosome that an engineer adds up in its DNA during education. This chromosome pairs up with 48th chromosome as terrorism in later phase of its life."....

Nice q$... to be noted and emphasized!... waise is there any relationship with this with conviviality with frogs in our campus KGP?! I mean for me it was very hale and hearty still will respect views of u !

Nishant Neeraj said...

To KS: ha ha.

I agree, it is unavoidable.

To Soumya: Thank you. I do not remember anyone having fun with frogs in campus. Do you know someone? :)

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