Monday, May 12, 2008

SLOG: Uneducated Literates

SLOG: Uneducated Literates
SLOG means Small bLOG

Mr. S is my roommate, a nice guy, about to complete his bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in next one month. One day during talk I asked how his project work was going. He replied that he, like other guys, had paid INR 18,000 to some company which would create a project for him, work on it and before the presentation; they would finish the project and give the software with document and presentation to him. All he would need to do is read through the presentation during the seminar.

On asking the knowledge of this fact to the professors he replied that everyone knows and all the students do this.

I had got burned from my top to bottom listening this, but after giving a thought I found out that this phenomenon is almost omnipresent in India. The education is just a tag; it is not a meter of knowledge. And for the developing country like India, it is job what matters at the end of the day. And for a job you do not need to perspire on a useless project that is, anyways, going to be assumed to be a fake owing to the massive fake CV culture.

We don’t have massive demand of technical guys at R and D level for the reason that we are not at technological forefront as a country, so we don’t have companies doing research. All we have is companies that buy the technology and they need technical guys who can just take care of the process as an inspector. For doing so, you don’t need a project to be done. In fact, you don’t even need a technical degree; a diploma would be just as fine. So what is the purpose of going through night outs for a lousy worthless project?

I do not understand why we have so many degree colleges, especially in technical fields when all we need is diplomas. We need persons who can understand technology and work on them effectively. This requirement is completely fulfilled by a diploma holder. And a diploma gives you early job opportunity. After your high school (std 10), go for a three year diploma course. Done, you are a jobseeker at the age at the age as low as 17 years.

I do not understand why even after knowing the reality we don’t change, why education is more like a blind man showing path to another blind man or rather it behaves like a herd of sheep or perhaps, thousands of penguins at the edge of iceberg.


GP said...

Aur saala ramu, mera sincere project ko jhoota banane par laga tha....sochta hoon fake hi karna chahiye tha..bekaar mein night out maara itna!!

Nishant Neeraj said...

hehe... milke night out mara tha humne finally 5:30 par signature liya prof se... latest submission tha jo valid time ke andar tha. But mera control system project use nahi aa reha hai.. tera fluid dynamics ka kaam jaroor padhta hoga software product development mein... Reynold's number ko database ke maxId ka limit banaa banaa ke use kar sakte ho

Anonymous said...

You went for nightouts for your projects, you studied and toiled with all reverence and you landed up doing a job where mere diploma-holders could suffice. Who asked you to do a job like this? Who stopped you from doing R&D? Who asked you to join the herd of sheep or that of penguins for that matter? The answer is simple dude, its "you"!! You could have sought a challenging career even as a photographer, you could have excelled as school teacher with all your knowledge. But no, you from the very beginning were after something else. And let me give you a simple suggestion my friend, very few places give you both of what you seek. So, stop cribbing about what companies are doing, because you yourself are in that very mess(i suppose). Go and join CERN if you want to do some high-level research and drill down your brain to the brink. You are talking about India as a country, look at yourself dude, "you" are India and so are all of us. Cribbing is the favorite sport for Indians. So let Mr.S be happy with what he is doing, rather stop your whole body from burning and do some good.

KS said...

:) A majority of us (people like me) frauded on our BTP. There really is no difference between us and those who bought their way to a bachelors degree. It is a bit too late to regret but I do feel a bit of honesty and application to the BTP would have enriched me considerably. All that we need is integrity. Integrity and honesty, if they can be taught, if they can be imbued in us, are the need of the hour for us, for our country.

Nishant Neeraj said...
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Nishant Neeraj said...

To Anon: Reply to your post has stretched out to be a new post. :)
Here is your reply Reply Post

To KS: Unfortunately honesty doesn't tell you why you are doing a crappy project which is never going be useful beyond your Exam or perhaps beyond publishing a paper. The need is to education be real-time, professors be professional and project be industry oriented.

Honesty and integrity would be a natural outcome of a project that would be intended to increase data data transfer rate over net by 2 times than the current rate, or probably a project that is intended to make a decomposable plastic.

But we work on a project which is aimed to make remotely control motors via web. Which is nothing but assembling.

When given a chance to do a project the system should be aware enough to provide student cutting edge knowledge which, in turn, enable them to work on a future technology as their project.

No matter if nothing comes out of the project, you got a guy who can say on drum beat that he has worked on the most modern, under-research technologies.

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