Saturday, November 25, 2006

Life of a Crispy Cheese Roll

Life of a Crispy Cheese Roll

I think I was happy in that transparent glass-jar with all my Crispy Cheese Roll friends. We used to make fun of each single corner of Kesin’s room, never expecting that anyone of us could ever be a part of that hell. Unfortunately, the unlucky one was me. That day when Kesin picked me to eat, I was very happy to say my pals good bye and join other Cheese Rolls which already were in his tummy. But just before putting me in his mouth, Kesin realized red ants crawling up his sleeves from the desk. He shrugged his hand and lost the grip on me. I was thrown away on corner wall and from there I dropped down to ground via cob web just escaping a giant ciliary spider and reached near his oscillating foot.

There I realized the room was more hellish than we see from the jar. The floor was covered with thick dust except the places where he used to walk very often. Lots of small object were lying there in the dust suffering a hoarse time. None was familiar to me. Two small pencils, one ATM card, a small envelop, a T-shirt, few news papers and a key-ring – all were looking tired and unfriendly. Then I saw many thin tracks of ants and those where the only places where I could see how the actual floor was. It was white marbled floor which was looking like graveyard of 16th century. Observing the small ant path, I found that my worst nightmare came true. I was barely an inch below of a thick black lump of cobweb hanging from bottom of the table-top and to make the matter worse there was a brown spider in it. I screamed with fear.

I heard a deep voice saying, “The hanging creature above you doesn’t eat you but the sneaking fat rat behind you sure does.” I snapped to my back and found my self in a situation ready to be fed to an ugly-fat-sharp-teeth rat, which I never wanted to. But since so much bad things were happening with me, it would be no wonder if the rat swallows me. Some how I maintained to pray to god not to send me in a rat’s intestine because that would be the last place I would like to go to before going to hell. I think god helped me for that one time. Suddenly I was dragged by Kesin’s swaying foot to a closed place between table leg and wall; and the second good thing was that the rat, startled by this action, ran back to invisible.

Here I was in a corner of the room from where almost three fourth of interior was visible and being a tricky place it was hard for the rat to find me. I spotted the source of voice which helped me when I was about to be a prey. It was a one inch long toothpaste squeeze which fall on the ground one day before me when Kesin was running late for morning class and dropped it in hurry; and never cared to clean it up. We became good friends.

Toothpaste told me lots of things about Kesin. It informed me that Kesin was actually a lover of art and sculptures but never cared about their maintenance. It showed me all the painting Kesin has on the walls which had got black because he never cared to clean them. Toothpaste spoke me about Kesin’s love towards ‘70s rock and how he threw all the music CDs into heap of old news papers lying in the room when he could not get Pink Floyds’ disc. I found out that Kesin was a drug addict and the fact that he might eat me someday when he would be on drugs, enthrall me like nothing did since I was slipped away from his hand.

It had become night. It was cold and damp, mosquitoes started coming out of almost everywhere. Humidity and irritating sound of water filter was making a creepy aura filled with fear. All of a sudden I felt someone is sniffing near me, to my disappointment it was the fat rat with its nose just above me. Somehow it could not find me and started turning back when its tail passed over me. It was a heart stopping experience. Within fraction of second it jumped over me and the result was I am now in its belly.

I wish if there is someway I could send a message to Kesin saying thank you for not eating me, I find rat’s stomach more elegant than your room.

Genre: Fiction, Drama
Type: Story, OK for all ages.
Date and Place: October 27, 2006. IIT Kharagpur WB India
Author: Nishant Neeraj

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Turning Point

Turning Point

‘Turning point’, for me this phrase has a history. I don’t know exactly when I familiarized with this word, probably around my class tenth. I could still remember talking to my eldest sister about everything happening with our family, about the bad family financial condition, talking about energy barrier in a chemical reaction and talking about how quickly good time ends and bad time takes over the charge. During that conversation I clearly recall myself using word – ‘turning point’, while ensuring ourselves that another similar turning point would soon come when bad times would be over.

Today, while scheduling my next few days, I found myself very close to another ‘turning point.’ But there is a specialty in it, this time I know the range of duration when this turning point is going to occur.

I am writing this log a week before CAT2006 exams and my final year end-semester exams; and at least twenty days earlier to the day when campus recruitment starts. I’ve no idea what is going to befall before me and neither do you. For CAT2006, I am more hopeless for me than you are; and being the subject of the matter I am supposed to know my position the best. But believe me, my haphazard scoring pattern in mock CATs and ‘still no favorite section in CAT’ makes me as unsure as you are, about me.

But what about people? There are many who believe in me cracking CAT, there are others who strongly don’t believe and there are still others who are indifferent but still waiting for my CAT result. It is hard to explain them how beautifully I spoiled at least five months for so-called CAT06 preparation and yet unable to give them a dim dying yellow ray of hope. So the result will necessarily affect my after CAT06 life. For good or for bad, I don’t know a bit and that is the beauty of turning point.

Next is my semester exams, this is important in a sense that my grade’s critical position requires a semester average grade above eight to make the overall grade beautiful. But since I had few big-time misunderstanding with a professor (an S.o.B!) and I don’t know the intentions of my project guide towards my grade though I’ve worked fine but he’s just unpredictable. I can expect anything for this sem’s grade.

And finally, the grand-show – the placement season; it is one of the most awaited time period for any and every graduates’ life. And I can not say surely about all but there are some of them like me who still are undecided about the specific field they would like to opt for, are ready for the season with single formula criteria that ‘money matters most.’
I am ready to work in any field with equal interest (or un-interest), basically I think I have suffered so-called golden period of life student life enough and want financial freedom. I just want to escape from this imprisoning student life and be a part of active world, harsh and unfriendly might be but am sure that I am longing for some rough rides.

I am unsure of my reaction when I will see this post after two months from now or five years after my job experience, but it will be anything but wonted.

Genre: Drama
Type: Personal, Thought
Language: English
Category: For all age group
Place and Time: IIT Kharagpur. November 11, 2007