Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tech Fest for My Techie Wngies !!

Finally, after long wait of one year the time had come…It was Robotics 2005 we were waiting for it since last year ….after time to time varying design of our Robot, we finally came up with a hand equipped robot fit in given size….though It was not beautiful enough but who cares (…actually I DO care !).However finally chaos did happen at end time...but we managed to get first.

So it was totally Kshitij (IIT Kgp’s Tech Fest) mania which was clouded over CGE wing and rooms C129,C130 and C131 have totally been converted into robotic Laboratory and I swear all- those were engaged – were working real hard (Nice?..aanhaa?).

It was started by Dharmu that there should have been a group from our wing in Tech fest. The group was formed- of which I did not have any Info- consisting Dharmu, Nihar, GP and Abhilash(hey look! who left? Its Abhishek ,Baby, and Mathur !!...as always latter two didn’t show their interest but some interested one was left) …this all was done approx 10 days earlier to the Fest. On one hand where it was found that -as the day is coming near – energy to participate was increasing in Abhishek, Dharmu and Abhilash on other hand GP and nihar were showing no interest and seem to be more indulge in AOE than in Designing the Boat.

Countdown timer was now in Red zone still neither of the Two (WOW !!) had changed. It was time for big bang …..Dharmu suggested the work cud not be done in this way We would have to make another active group which atleast would work.(I strongly am in Dharmu’s favor). Finally a new group formed secretly including two new member Abhishek (in and as the Leader :-D) and Baby .I was there with my low digestive power and on the same day I vomited everything to Nihar (….I just didn’t want to make it worst but it did.).Nihar in his usual style instead of forming a new group accepted it as his inability (however I don’t have any right to make any personal comment but that time I felt that this was what Nihar wanted.) and the other stud GP decided to do it independently.(what do you think every thing is OK now???...you’re damn wrong).

Now something happened ; I don’t know because I didn’t want to know as I had done enough wrong thing with the peace of information I had.; which caused formation of new groups one consisting Abhilash, Abhishek, Baby and Shubang another having GP,Dharmu and Bansal(much obvious Atul as other Bansals in RK don’t play AOE ..don mind )…Mathur, Nihar and Nema became out of scene till that time.And another story plugged in : Saumyakant Sahoo and Tauseef Rouff approached to me and I( aka Foll of All Time or FAT32) led them in the competition Power Boat.My this group consisting three different time of personality Sahoo (wants to do many things but don’t know what to do) Tauseef(Knows what to do but don’t want to do)and me (neither wants to do anything nor does) …anyhow they made the mainframe and I was in Last time chaos with my armed Robot….and I declared we have defeated before the fight NO OBJECTION WAS MADE.

GP’s group made and excellent design with two propeller in air one in water and Abhilash’s group did just reverse – I literally mean doing the boat’s up side down.Heavy arrangements were made by both but after good hard work and Dry run and Night out GP’s team didn’t participate however Dharmu keep shouting to participate atleast on other hand Abhi’s team went with no hope and came with good result and smiling face they just missed to qualify by .8 seconds.WELL DONE

Well I am no one who decide one’s talent and I may wrong but I found atleast two people interested in serious work in Robotics first Abhilash what is lacking in him is initiative and Dharmu problem with him is his low temperament and ego.

This story has stretched too long I wish I will write my End Time Chaos Story in Robotics 2005 any other time.

P.S. I know whatever I wrote may hurt some people believe me I never want to harn anyone of the guys mentioned above.It is just what I found at that time.If you have any feelings ,any comment or anger on me please write in comments (link given below) and I assure you it wont be deleted.