Friday, April 20, 2007

Mechanical Programming

Mechanical Programming

7ou are not a skilled programmer (but never stopped boasting about 7our programming skills), 7ou have some twent7 da7s left in 7our graduation and 7ou find out 7our ke7board has got a non-adjustable vital ke7 fucked-up. What would 7ou do? (Especiall7, when all 7ou do on 7our computer is chat, read blog and search porn.) Bu7 a new ke7board! Naah!

(7ou must have guessed that the ke7 I am talking about is ‘y’, I had nonfunctional left control, tab and left shift, alread7.)

Probabl7 7ou’ll program some redundant ke7 like ‘tilde’ to print ‘wai.’ Being Mechanical Engineer b7 academics, I chose a ke7 which is close to ‘wai’ and look somewhat like it. I got ‘7’ and fitted a mechanical linkage between them. (Click the image to see it.)

Mechanical Programming

I programmed m7 computer mechanicall7 to print a s7mbol (seven) for a mechanicall7 unprintable letter (‘wai’).

PS. I used same ke7board facilit7 to t7pe m7 sevent7 pages long thesis, then cop7 pas7ted ‘wai’ for each seven from a website using MS Word’s search and destro7 tool. So it is not alwa7s ‘kewl’ to program mechanicall7, some time it sucks.

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Genre: Real stor7 based, Drama, Fun, Technolog7, comed7
Type: ‘KEWL’
Language: English
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Place and Time: IIT Kharagpur. April 20, 2007. 03:05 in the morning (AM).

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