Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ba Ba Black Sheep

Ba Ba Black Sheep: Punishing Innocents
(On Nehru Hall GC Massacre)

Black sheep: noun – A member of a family or other group who is considered undesirable.

It was the happiest moment for Nehru Hall of Residence; they won all the three Golden Championships (GCs) that IIT Sheep YardKharagpur offers for best performance in sport events, social and cultural events and technical events. They got over excited and showed off their joy in some what non-sober sense by entering into some other hostel and ridiculing them, which resulted in some dhishum-dhishum and few noses and few legs got broken.

Obviously Nehru-ites were liable to punishment, a punishment that reminds everyone not to enjoy happiness by break opening some skulls. So IIT barnstormers, uh sorry, brainstormers came up with two decisions – one, not give them any of the GCs; two, not to allot Nehru Hall to any of the new students.

First one is none of my concerns but still I think it is wrong. How easily can you scrap their one year’s fight and probably their future glory of winning three GCs alone just based on one incident which is very common in school lives? You, surely, can come up with a better punishment than that. You could ask them for an open apology to the suffered hostel or you can give them title of winner of three GCs but don’t give them the cups or give them the cups colored in black.

Whatever, it is not what bothered me much.

What made me think pity on their decision is the second part of it. No first year is going to be allotted Nehru Hall. What does that mean? To jury, it is probably a way to stop new talents going into Nehru Hall, but to second year students it is a pain spanning one year. Now, since no first year student will be allotted Nehru, more students will be allotted to other hostel. The problem is that all hostels already crumbling with students out numbering the rooms; and banning one hostel from taking new students means testing the collapse limit of other hostels’ facilities.

This decision will force more students to live with another roommate in a room optimized to live one student. (There is a possibility of putting four persons in double rooms.) Imagine a situation when one hundred and fifty students have to live in rooms which are not even sufficient for accommodating hundred.

I ask a question, who would suffer then? Nehru-ites, who are responsible, or first years, who think it’s a nice place to live…. and learn. Is it Nehru Hall which will suffer water shortage or other hostels who will have to carry one and a half times more people than the designed for?

The question is how long we will be treated as sheep? How many times will we be following the mob? Is there a black sheep (or lamb)?

© Copyrighted Nishant Neeraj. Ask before quote.

Disclaimer: Writer is a free thinker and the script is his personal view.

Genre: Real story based, Drama, Documentary, IIT Kharagpur
Type: Personal View
Language: English
Category: For ALL age group
Place and Time: IIT Kharagpur. April 21, 2007. 08:36 (PM) in evening.

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