Thursday, December 27, 2007

B.U.F.Y . 2: Baby, Uncle and Bike

B.U.F.Y: Baby Uncle and the Fifth Year Part 2
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Uncle’s Promise

Summer end, end of June. It was quite hot out. T came to Baby’s room to take them (Uncle and Baby) with him for lunch. Out of the blue, discussion about Bengali vs. non-Bengali started. (We start it almost every time when we find someone who can easily be irritated by the sensitivity of the topic. Bad we!) Discussion quickly took a form of serious altercation and soon it became more like a one on one challenge game.

T started shouting out his frustration, ‘Loda dikha! Loda Dikha!’ [Show your tool.]
Uncle, who was fully charged by the time, challenged back, ‘only if you’ll show your buns!’

Uncle pulled his lower down even before T could finish his words.
Now, it was T’s turn, who was sensible enough to shout back and left the room.

Baby, who was only a viewer till now, suddenly came to life and realized something highly immoral, unethical, devilish and nasty event had just taken place in his room and that too in presence of gods (He was a theist). He started chanting ‘Are baap re!’ [Oh my God!]

He pushed Uncle out of the room, cleaned the room (Although they did not make anything dirty, it was Baby’s own feeling of insanitation). He put some scented stick, sprinkled holy water (Ganga Jal), asked for pardon from the gods and took a bath.

This incident gave Uncle a way to maul T whenever and wherever he used to see him. He enjoyed this for a long time.
(Based on description given by Uncle, Baby and T)

Baby, Bike and Uncle’s Fear

Actually the headline should be Baby and Bike, Uncle and Bike and Baby and Uncle. Anyway, here the story.

Baby (who did not have a girlfriend) got a bike so that whenever we miss Chhedi's, we can reach there in no time and effort (We did not go to the classes, anyway). But the big, twisted Q was: Baby did not know how to ride a bike. WTF!? Who was going to take this life threatening job to teach him? Uncle took the lead and within a couple of days, Baby was able to ride his bike with hiccups and few weeks later, smoothly.

Now, Baby started picking Uncle on his riding skills. He used to mimic Uncle. He used to make a posture as if he was riding bike and then shakes his hands (which were supposed to gripping bike’s handle) vigorously with his eyes wide open and concentrating as if riding at 120 miles/hour while (he shouts) actual speed was 20 kmph.

And the second point (I support it) that Baby used to make was that whenever a road turn comes, Uncle becomes queasy. Even if the bike inclines just 3 degrees from the vertical, Uncle grips the driver as tight as if he is going to plunge the flesh out of the rider’s body. He tries to push the driver in a way to make him vertical again.

Uncle had nothing to argue, he would just say, ‘I taught you bike riding!’


Jake_Sully said...

mast hai yaar... sochke hi hasi aa jaati hai baby aur uncle ki dastaan!!! yo uncle and baby!!!

mad dog said...

he he , nice one naishe , one little dirty secret --- baby actually enjoyed the T incident , he is just too ashamed to say that.

And yes , I have a bike-riding-phobia , wish someone wd come up with a name for it

Anonymous said...

hehe...nice one!!
uncle is planning to buy a bike...i have to go to bangy, i will teach to ride a bike... ;)

Nishant Neeraj said...

... Part 3 in Series "BUFY 3: Blue Pill - Red Pill" ...

विश्व दीपक said...

achcha hai naishe...
poorani baatein yaad aa rahi hain. mujhe kuchh der laga T ko samajhane mein. phir samajh gaya. naam poora likhne mein kya darr hai?


Nishant Neeraj said...

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Nishant Neeraj said...

Thank you, doston!
.. B.U.F.Y. 5: My Girl vs Your Girl is released.

Nishant Neeraj said...

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Nishant Neeraj said...

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Nishant Neeraj said...

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