Monday, November 05, 2007

OMG, you are in “CHENNAI”?!

OMG, you are in “CHENNAI”?!

Damn it feels good to blog from your own PC!

Chennai – everyone pity on me for being here. Reasons for this pity are different for different people – for some, it is the sultry climate or non availability drinking water direct from tap or people being too critical about non-Tamils or some other extrinsic influence; for others, it is lack of ‘Greenery’ or too distant from friends and family.

For some reasons I find myself ok with everything, the only thing that sucks is being away from friends and high call rates. I also realize (it is probably too early to say) that people are friendly and helping here unlike the common misconception in north India. People are ok with English and if they know you are a Hindi speaker, believe me, they do not run behind you with beating rod rather they try to speak whatever Hindi they know (It is a street experience).

About climate, yeah sometime it’s a pain and all other time it is simply hot and humid. It is like end of June in UP when you wait for rain to lessen the heat but when it rains (hot & humid) you think it was better earlier.

First half month in Chennai, I repeatedly listen this warning for more than twenty times from different people. This warning is “Hey, never drink tap water. It is contaminated.” Well, somehow packaged water is readily available.

How do you find it?

One liner would be – An old metro with all the culture still alive blended with modernity, a place where gold is still a passion and you can find food shops and jewelry shops at every next step. Clean city (In Indian context given the fact it is heavily populated.)

© Nishant Neeraj

It is entirely author’s personal opinion and based on his real experience.


Anonymous said...

You write very well.

Nishant Neeraj said...

To etta: thanks!

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