Sunday, January 30, 2005

SF aka Spring for Fools !!

They say Its Spring Fest when I see people deep inside in their Jacket and coat (coatEE can be said to make it female).I find another reason.... people do weird things and none is allowed to laugh yet it is **MUST** to appreciate those thing (you know whome I am talking about) I have enough reasons to call it Spring for('to' can be a good replacement) fools.

As I am a big guy (really!!..^_^)..I wasnt in there in all the monkey shows going on during SF .I selected a reasonably serious event to go in..(huh!It was boring enough to make me sleep in that crowdy theater).Now there is a single story about that day..

It was a long queue to enter the show me and GP decided to enter by crossing the boundarywall...evrything went well except Abhilash made him injured...still he is there in show with *Abhishek Prakash*...(shhhh....this guy knows he is injured!?) and her BANDI.

Now lets start "Abhishek Prakash Puran(epic)" ....a long (very can prefixed without hesitation) guy with a girl(the second adjective was true only for in the SF duration....excluding during his very intimate-you know what-moments)...whome we guessed as Abhishek Prakash; on meeting eye with one of us (I was not the person probably it was Apurv)......the long guy introduces us to the girl at the moment when police was behind us and about to bang our butt......the introduction was like this

: Inse milo "......(put the Bandi's name in dotted place)".(give attention to the names) yeh hai Baby,yeh Nihar ,yeh Mathur..,.Nima (thank god he didnt append HARAAMKHOR),(we had left the place till now coz of Police)yeh GP and yeh N2............ ............... ...............................- ----->>> >{{I still wonder do we look so much SHORT from 6feet height ????}}

Now the show begins the situation is something like this me and Nema one row side by side and evryone except Nihar(god knows where he was :-0)were sitting on the next front row to us and unfortunately I was behind Abhishek........what we found that (really speaking....Nema supports me) Abhishek was **USING** the guys in their row as ......BANDAR(monkey....this is code lingo which me and Nema are habitual of) .This was done by pulling ears playing with their hairs and ....making Mathur dance (we say it BANDAR mein CHAABHI bharna)..while it was clear that he didnt want to dance @ that momemt......this show was more interesting than the- so called- show we went for.
I got some moments when I was shouting aimlessly and Abhishek gave me a look as I made a comment on "**THEM**" ...It was a nice trick that worked after this We (ofcourse with Nema) made direct comment on **Them** ....It caused something burn (on ABHISHEK side)......

May be that was the reason He never let me have chance to meet his "?????".....and still some thing catches fire when I make a taunt in presence of Abhishek.( you can smell it if r there!)


Anonymous said...

hai dude!!! nice one.ic ant smell the smoke but i expected u;the only guy who can make something burn..but it was an incomplete of luck next time..

note: please try to put all the small but important events in ur blog atleast in a week..

once again nice work and plz keep it up

Avery B said...

Thankk you for being you

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