Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dharmu's B'Day

21 yrs before God thought that people are not using some words and phrases the same time his son (not the god ^_^) came to him and requested to generate an SQL(...yupp MySQL) based data base for an Indian Version of Spiderman .God created the data base and tuned it to use those rarely used words. I hope you would have guessed the words and the person. For those who r still struggling ...the words are Exactly, Proper ,Ultimate, Doesn' Matter, Hardly Matter,'Maine bola tha na!'....etc and the person is our one and only Mr.RadioRepeat Dharmu aka Spiderman .
Dharmu well defended himself against GPL ....however few good GPLer were not interested .One of the best watch able thing was the change in his facial expression at the moment when Dharmu found his treat bill in Eggies exceeded the calculated budget. Let me show it :-| -------> :-o

Now I am going to unveil a truth... another shock wave. Its about BABY (Neeraj). We had four lollypops among three people fourth was of BABY....Abhilash had the extra lollypop which had different flavor just to choose the best of two he unwrapped the fourth tasted (licked #;-8) then handed to me .What I did is I wrapped it in my lolly's cover and handed it to BABY...... BABY first suspected but then Abhilash, Nema and I handled the matter and made him to eat that Lolly.

This abstract can not be used as a proof in suit against anyone (especially Abhilash), in case any contagious disease causes to BABY.

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Anonymous said...

baby ke trust k saath masti !
bahut galat.....

do it again.. if u get chance... :))

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