Thursday, November 25, 2004


It was not my fault but I was assumed to be the defaulter at first glance.It was saturday none had exam next day Nihar and GP were playing AOE on LAN rest were on their comp.At 11:00 pm ,as always I do, I went to Nihar pressuring him to go to Mess for Coffee.He denied but Abhilash was ready. When we were walking thru corridor Abhilash's devil brain woke up and he first swiched the power supply of whole wing off then swiched it on and swiched power off of Nihar and GP only.
Here are the reactions:

1. GP went to sleep.
2.Apurva came out for Coffee.Reaction"Isiliye maine mahangaa wala UPS liya hai"
3.NEO(A.Prakash) : Abrupt turn off of computer as no UPS was there.Came out blamming me as "yehi hai woh jisne power off kiya.Salla,kya jaroorat thi tumko ...pataa hai ki KAMPU kharab hone se main kitna load leta hoon "
4.ABHILASH(the conspirator) : Pataa nahi kisne kiya jisne bhi kiya achchha nahi kiya ek baar to mera bhi fluctuate kiya par fir thik ho gayaa pataa nahi Nihar logon ka kyon nahi aayaa.
5.ME(NAISHE) : Mujhe kuchh nahi pataa( I look Innocent?..NAH!) aur maine power off nahi kiya hai bas.
BABY(Neeraj): tere ko main kaat daaloonga(..believe it he has bitten me two time in hand) Nishant.....(after sometime when it was not clear who did this) Abe main tera KAMPU bhi direct off karoonga kyonki agar mera KAMPU direct off hua hai to kisi na kisi ka aur bhi hona chahiya(..gud Idea!!)
Dharmu : Abey yaar isiye tooooooo mainey doooo UPS lagaa rakhe hein .Mere paas double power hai.....hahahahahahahahhahaha.

and now the biggest BLAST by Nihar.........with
angree face and No reply........he still do not believe that I have not done this.......Sorry DEAR :-*

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