Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Addictive Game

Monkey games -- always addictive, be it monkey lander, monkey money or slap the monkey. This time I was invited to an open challenge by Nishant Gupta (See his monkey score) I some how managed to overcome it (My monkey score).

As wrongly mentioned in the website - "It's all about the laws of physics. Think speed and angle for monster kicks." but it is "more about coefficient of restitution between different ground, time of contact (which depends on angle of attack), a lot of time killing and absence of sense of responsibility, especially when you are supposed to work."

I warn you not to try this game but for all those who "vroom" their motorcycle on red light and jump start it just 0.37 seconds before green light shows. Here is the game. Create your own challenge.

>> To challenge me CLICK HERE

Here is the game for normal people:

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