Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Drooling on Dollars

Drooling on Dollars or How can you drive good people mad, online?

I am not a good person. Yeah, you know some pretty good things about me being not-so-good-when-needed. But I am as sure as damn if I give you $1000 (Rs. 42000) for copying and pasting (or creating and writing) WHATEVER-RUBBISH-YOU-WANT and then post it to some nasty blog you would start doing it until you realize it needs you to post thousands posts to reach in the slab of people whom they pay. Moreover your content and creativity doesn’t matter, it’s totally a number game.

This website, www.ibibo.com is advertising to pay you for doing same shit and have attracted quit a crowd, the website is so much loaded on peak hours that you cant even access it because of server is overloaded error. And few users (by few I mean thousands) post every 3 minutes (I refresh the recent post list and seen them very frequent and consistent) day-in day-out.

I got trapped thinking it as a competition of good blog and started posting some very interesting yet obscure things to attract the gathering; created very-very real nice avatar of Shakti Kapoor with special effected added by me to make it look as in Eastman Color; gave it very innovative name Virginity, Envy, Boob and Lalu Prasad Yadav (I, however, explained how it is consistent with my profile later in a blog at the site.). But creativity has a limitation you cannot be creative in bulk, reverse is not true. So when I found I, with genuine garbage on internet is lagging by some good 3000 rank, can not win with this or even come close enough to be in three digit ranks I started spamming and spammed my ass off. Here I was in below 1k group but not satisfied because it is a crap to do. I’ve been wasting too much of time for too little. And perhaps there are good people out there punching their nails in keypad, stretching their eyes wide not to miss a single word from the image that is kept for automatic spam protection but not for manual. People with a pint of hope that only-if they push their rank perhaps one hundred more towards the top they could buy a digicam or perhaps an earring for his girlfriend and this motive keeps their fingertips alive and ibibo.com its revenue.

You can access this new and soon to be closed blog of mine at ibibo.com, address is http://blogs.ibibo.com/naishe

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Place and Time: IIT Kharagpur. March 13, 2007. 02:25 in afternoon.

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