Tuesday, November 30, 2004


So after great topsy-turvydom we were ready to go Puri........Finally,hah! As the last chaos before we went to Puri was sudden denial of GP and Abhishek.So the story begins:
We started with General Class ticket with journey in Sleeper Class and got catch by TTE(oops!)... we were threatened by them to pay nothing less than 750 rupees .... finally it ended up by paying 250 bucks (Still a good amount of money.isnt it?).
In Puri ,it was first time when I saw a Sea (really...after 20 years of my existance on this planet I saw a thing which covers more than 70% of it!!).... It was amazing experience we enjoyed more than I thought ..... specially when we shaped Apurva into Big Breast Girl.... I will upload the image soon.
Jagannath Mandir(temple) was a good thing to see the best thing is the PRASAD they give.....it contains more than ten types of rice and different types of DAL and SABJI(vegetables) .It is called maha prasad.Another good thing that every thing you buy there were pre-presented to the God unlike other temples in India.
Konark......wow!what a giant architecture. Big Sculptures carved into stone walls.unimaginable! ......but the prolem was that you can not go their with your family(no..no..no..dont confuse their is no legal restriction... it is only moral restriction for typical Indian families..okay?) 'coz the sculptures consist of people engaged in sex(^_^ no comments) .. and all the sculpture are like that( why people object porn?Its in our culture ;-)).
Finally my half an hour stay in Bhuvaneshwar at Abhilash's house was a soothing experience for me(hey....thanks to Aunty for nice food .)
I bought a SHANKH( its a hard work to get a SHANKHA voicing) and some trditional art of PIPLI(Orissa)

Nihar left the programm in one third ...... WE MISSED YOU ALL (Abhishek,GP and Nihar).

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